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What to expect at this year's NodeConf EU

NodeConf EU , the annual conference for the Node.js community and the longest-running of its kind in Europe, is now in its 8th year.  Since the event began, Node.js has gone from being relatively unknown to being adopted by global brands such as PayPal, Walmart, Bloomberg, Google and Telus, who have recognised the commercial benefits of using it in their transformation projects.  It has also become very attractive to developers wanting to work in a new technology where potential is powerful. NodeConf EU provides a growing platform for these communities - visionaries, industry leaders and Node.js experts - to come together every year to collaborate and discuss the latest developments in Node.js in a positive learning environment.  So what’s in store for this year’s conference?

10 years of Node.js

This year celebrates 10 years of Node.js so we will be marking the milestone with an extra-special NodeConfEU line up of talks, workshops, activities and surprises. Limited edition t-shirts and stickers will be much-coveted items and this year’s hackable digital badge is a major departure with some groundbreaking new features to be announced at the opening!  All attendees can take part in a fun workshop where they'll learn how to hack their own badge in some surprising ways. No experience necessary!

We’ve some great guest interviews lined up before, during and after the conference to look back on how far Node.js has come and explore the latest in Node.js developments.  We’ll be chatting to some of the most notable individuals across the Node.js community to hear their reflections on and aspirations for Node.js and to hear their views on its importance and impact on the community and the wider economy.  You can check out our latest interview here.

From Serverless to IoT to Security in Node.js

An exciting mix of over 30 speakers from companies such as Google, IBM, Github, Elastic, Telus and ING Bank have been hand-picked based on their contribution and level of innovation within the Node.js community.  They will offer talks and workshops on topics from Kubernetes to microservices and diagnostics, from Javascript & IoT to Machine Learning and cloud architectures.

For instance, keen open source advocates will be anticipating the stage arrival of Jan Lehnardt, organizer of JsConf EU and CEO of, who will be speaking on how serverless originated from CouchDB and how emergent trends accumulate in unexpected ways.  We’re also delighted to welcome C J Silverio, ex-CTO of npm who will speak about Entropic, a new package manager for the JavaScript community, while Benedikt Meuer Technical Lead at Google will be sharing his stories from working on V8, the JavaScript engine that powers both Node.js and Chrome.

Shelley Vohr, a software engineer at GitHub, will explain how Electron works beneath its surface veneer and the tools that have enabled the project to flourish.  Liran Tal, a developer advocate at Snyk and member of the Node.js foundation Security working group, will be sharing his expertise on how to create a more secure ecosystem for Node.js and JavaScript.

These are just some of the speakers to look forward to.  The rest of the line-up can be viewed here.

Drones, Carnival Games and Coding Challenges

Beyond the talks and workshops, we've got a great line up of activities and entertainment over the 4 days with plenty of opportunities for fun and networking with other like-minded individuals from across 26 countries.  A hacker’s lounge, code and learn workshop and some drone activity from our sponsor, Skycatch are some of the tech highlights. For those who want some downtime, there will be an opportunity to learn the traditional Irish bodhrán musical instrument, listen to live music from indie legend Jerry Fish , take part in carnival games and escape room challenges and soak up some cultural highlights with a visit to Kilkenny City.

Network, network, network

NodeConfEU provides attendees with the opportunity to learn, ask questions, share knowledge, problem-solve, network and have fun.  The activities at NodeConf EU are a key part of its success. We encourage guests to meet fellow Node practitioners and discuss the interesting talks of the day.  NodeConf EU shortens the gap between key community members and conference attendees, enabling the community to grow. Take the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas!

If you’d like to attend NodeConfEU, you can secure your 3-day all-inclusive tickets here.  If you’re interested in sponsoring, we've got a number of packages remaining - you can sponsor the special edition t-shirt, the hackable digital badge, the carnival night or take our last Gold package to secure the last remaining workshop slot.  More details on what’s available can found here or by emailing

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