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We are technologists and pioneers. By putting the ‘human’ at the heart of everything we do, NearForm creates software solutions that accelerate enterprise success, enrich customer experience and contribute to the development of our community. Life’s complicated enough, so we prefer to keep things simple.

To find out more about our journey to date and the contributions we’ve made to opensource, visit Our Story.


We Care About

Our Team – Without our people, we couldn’t do what we do. They make us who we are, keep us sharp and ensure that every day is an adventure.

Our Clients – Without our clients, we’d be stuck for a challenge. They continually inspire us to innovate and to deliver. They want the most for their customers and so do we.

Our Community – Without our open source community, we wouldn’t have access to the vast resource of knowledge and tools that enables us to continue delivering.

Our Team

NearForm sources the best talent from all over the world so that we can offer our clients outstanding software solutions. We hire without borders, casting the net far and wide to attract the finest in our industry.

Our teams are leading the way in open, modern software, creative design and problem solving. With our open, collaborative ethos and unique delivery model, NearFormers simplify and solve complex business and technology challenges for global enterprises across multiple industry sectors.

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Over 20 countries and growing

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Ernst & Young
Red Hat Software
We work with many of today’s leading companies,
helping them to evolve their products and services
for tomorrow’s market.
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Our Community

Everything we do emanates from open source – it is both our bedrock and our springboard.

The ever-growing database of open source projects supplies us with the largest R&D department on the planet. Because of this, we are dedicated to supporting our open source community in as many ways as we can and we regularly contribute to live projects.

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