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Delivering Node.js development services for the modern enterprise

More businesses are moving to modern digital strategies and embracing key technologies like Node.js.

As one of the leading contributors to the Node.js community, we have years of experience in leveraging this powerful technology to improve business outcomes for global clients.

Why use Node.js?

Node.js has established itself as a universal development platform for digital transformation with a broad diversity of applications. Widely used across all industries, Node.js is at the heart of projects that require a superior user experience to help help drive automation, generate sales and improve customer engagement.

Node.js is instrumental in scaling software development for web user interfaces, as many of the tools for modern front-end software development are built on Node.js. It is also one of the fastest growing runtimes in the cloud.

With its seamless integration between server and client-side scripting, Node.js enables enterprises to develop rich, data-intensive applications that use real-time data. The ability to program in one language, JavaScript, increases developer productivity and leads to a reduction in applications’ overall footprints.

Speed to Market

Simple for developers to learn, allowing teams to focus on business logic and backend development

Superior Performance

Fills the gap between extremely performant languages and runtimes, and developer productivity

Community Powered

The Node.js community has solved one of the hardest problems in development: software reuse

Scalable Architecture

Supports cloud-native, microservices-based architectures that are built for scalability

Node.js development with NearForm

Making a successful move from legacy stacks to JavaScript means sidestepping common pitfalls and following best practice throughout each project. We work with companies and project leaders to help them achieve the best possible results when moving, for example, from .NET or Java to Node.js.

Whether you need product development, training, consultation or support, NearForm is ready to help your organisation achieve success with Node.js projects. We work with your digital growth strategy to build capability and develop new products, services and experiences in a pragmatic, sustainable and scalable fashion.

Sustainable growth requires a long-term commitment to innovation. We can help you focus on your current challenges today to achieve long-term results for tomorrow.

node.js development in an office

Product Development

Our Node.js experts can guide you with best practices for building maintainable, scalable, high-performance modern web applications.

Capability Building

We can bring your engineering team to the next level through Node.js certifications, workshops, remote webinars or embedded capability building.

Consulting & Support

We have helped some of the world’s leading brands overcome technical debt and past architectural mistakes to rescue and improve their software.

Node.js development projects

London School of Marketing logo

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London School of Marketing

Cloud-based, microservices architecture on a Node.js runtime environment

“NearForm delivered a world-class platform for our business. We and our customers are delighted with the result.”
Paul Penman, CEO, The London School of Marketing
Condé Nast logo

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Condé Nast International

Content management platform built in Node.js and React

“NearForm has an extremely strong competency in Node.js, and that was a big selling point for Condé Nast International. Node.js was ideal for this engagement: whether you’re looking at the front-end or the back-end engineering, it gives you increased flexibility.”
David Thorpe, Engineering Manager, Condé Nast International

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