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Open Source is art

Open Source is our craft and community — a global network of people passionate about pooling ideas and sharing the spirit of innovation to push programming forward. We harness the power of Open Source to pursue technological excellence for ourselves and business advantage for our clients.

The Open Source mindset

Global collaboration

Tapping into a pool of global talent means 
we learn from and with the world’s best developers. Then we take that knowledge, and apply it to what we build for your business.

Reuse, reduce

Mining Open Source lets us use components that have already been built, speeding up development and cutting down delivery time. This way, we build better software, faster.

Freedom to innovate

Working in an open environment gives us the freedom to innovate, getting rid of vendor lock-in, making software easy to integrate and giving clients more control over their ecosystem.


Building with Open Source makes systems more transparent and secure, reducing bugs and vulnerabilities. So software lasts longer, costs less and performs better.

Sharing our Open Source knowledge

Our experts harness the power of Open Source to craft solutions that leverage the collective knowledge of the global developer community. They innovate, then they educate.

At Nearform I've always been able to work on challenging projects while contributing to Node.js and Open source with people across the globe.
Portrait of Paolo Insogna, a Neaform DX Engineer, giving a talk against a large conference screen
Embracing Open Source brings value, drives innovation, and differentiates your organisation.
Cody Zuschlag Staff Developer Relations Engineer
Portrait of Cody Zushchlag, a Nearform Developer Relations Engineer, giving a talk on Open Source

Open Source projects

Insight, imagination and expertly engineered solutions to accelerate and sustain progress.