Whether we’re welcoming the world to NodeConf EU, leading hands-on workshops or speaking at tech conferences, we are passionate about connecting with and contributing to the technology community around the world. You can join us at the following events or click here to get in touch.

Past Events



NodeConf Remote 2021

Sponsored by NearForm

18-21 October 2021

In 2020, we held our first ever NodeConf Remote. Over 3,500 attendees from 96 countries across the globe came together to learn, share insights and connect with one another. We were overwhelmed with the response to the conference and thrilled to be able to reach so many people around the world.

Talks Only ticket: Free



NearForm Presents: Backend Development with Node.js

Partnered with Prisma, Hosted by IBM

16-17 June 2021

This NearForm Presents event focuses on key ideas and practices in backend development with Node.js, including talks on monitoring your GraphQL API, Mercurius, Fastify and a lot more. Sponsored by Prisma and hosted by IBM, the series of backend development talks is available for free — or you can register for the hotly anticipated new workshop from Matteo Collina: Learn Fastify One Plugin at a Time. The workshop is limited capacity, so be sure to claim your seat early.

13:00 UTC – Node.js Apps Under Pressure
Presented by James Snell, NearForm

In this talk, James will introduce you to Node.js’ built-in perf_hooks module and show how it can help applications remain cool, healthy and responsive under load.

13:30 UTC – Monitoring your GraphQL API with Fastify, Mercurius, and Prisma
Presented by Daniel Norman, Prisma

Exploring some of the practices to ensure the reliable operation of a GraphQL server in addition to helping with production troubleshooting.

14:00 UTC – Building a Full Stack Framework with Fastify
Presented by Jonas Galvez, helloprint

A 30-minute talk exploring how to integrate the latest client build tools with Fastify to provide an ergonomic development experience. Covers common topics such as SSR API development, SSR data fetching and client hydration.

14:30 UTC – Reactive with Node.js
Presented by Clement Escoffier and Alex Alykiotis, Red Hat

In recent years application requirements have changed dramatically. In the past large applications deployed to tens of servers used to handle gigabytes of data, seconds of response time, massive failures, and hours of downtime for maintenance purposes. Today we deploy applications to clusters with thousands of processors, handling petabytes of data and users demand response times close to milliseconds. Reactive systems are here to help us by providing flexibility, loose-coupling, scalability, and great handling of failure. Node.js due to its event-based, non-blocking I/O model poses an excellent choice for these kinds of systems, being event-driven at its core and able to handle thousands of concurrent requests. This talk will cover the principles of reactive systems and take you through an example of a reactive system that integrates Node.js and JavaScript.

15:00 UTC – The Importance of Finding True Work Life Balance
Presented by Lynne Ward

Lynne will speak on the importance of finding true work life balance and how it’s a necessity, not a nicety and will guide you onward to demonstrate how 15 minutes of mindful movement can change how you think, look and feel.

15:00 UTC – Workshop: Learn Fastify One Plugin at a Time
Presented by Matteo Collina, NearForm

Fastify is an HTTP framework for Node.js that focuses on providing a good developer experience without compromising on performance metrics. What makes Fastify special is not its technical details, but its community which is open for contributions of any kind. Part of the secret sauce is the Fastify plugin architecture that has enabled developers to write more than a hundred plugins.

This hands-on workshop is structured around a series of exercises that covers from basic “hello world” to how to structure a project, perform database access and authentication.

14:00 UTC – Building a Cloud Native Node.js Application
Presented by Bethany Griggs, Red Hat

This workshop provides an introduction to cloud-native development with Node.js by walking you through how to extend an Express.js-based application to leverage cloud capabilities. The workshop will cover key concepts and technologies, including health checks, metrics, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana. In the end, you’ll have a fully functioning application running as a cluster in Kubernetes, with production monitoring.

15:00 UTC – Deploy to Code Engine
Presented by Upkar Liddar, IBM

In this session we’ll do a quick overview of IBM’s new cloud native hosting platform, IBM Cloud Code Engine, and take the cloud native Node.js app you built in the previous workshop and deploy it. (If you did not attend previous workshop, no problem!)

15:30 UTC – Bespoke Deploy Options
Presented by Joe Sepi, IBM

There are many ways to take your Cloud Native Node.js app to the cloud. In the previous session, we learned about IBM Code Engine. In this session, we will do a quick overview of the other deployment options, including: Free k8s cluster on IBM Cloud, the odo CLI client for OpenShift, the NodeShift client for OpenShift and more.

16:00 UTC – Photobooth! Building cloud-native AI-infused web apps with Node-RED
Presented by John Walicki, IBM

Learn how to use Node-RED to create a photo booth web app infused with AI through the use of TensorFlow.js The workshop will step through getting started with Node-RED, creating the web app and then containerizing it so it is ready to be deployed into the cloud or onto edge devices.

17:00 UTC – Lunch with the experts: Core collaborators and application architects
With Anton Whalley, Bethany Griggs, Carlos Santana, and Michael Dawson

Join our experts for an open discussion

18:00 UTC – From zero to hero: rapid APIs with Loopback
Presented by Remko de Knikker, IBM

This workshop explains LoopBack, which is a Node.js API framework that enables you to create APIs quickly that interact with backend resources like databases and services.

Full Access ticket (includes workshop): €20

Full ticket price to be donated to tech2students

Talks Only ticket: Free



NearForm Presents: Node Core + Broken Promises workshop

Sponsored by Red Hat, Hosted by IBM

31 March 2021, 13:00 UTC

This inaugural NearForm Presents event focuses on Node Core, with talks on Events and Promises, observability in Kubernetes, and more. Sponsored by Red Hat and hosted by IBM, the series of Node Core talks is available for free — or you can register for the popular Broken Promises workshop with James Snell and Matteo Collina. The workshop is limited capacity, so be sure to claim your seat today.

13:00 – The Unsung Story of Events, Streams and Promises
Presented by Matteo Collina
Once upon a time, Node.js shipped with promises. Then, promises were no more. Finally, promises were back in JavaScript, and therefore in Node.js. However much had change in node-land, and all Node APIs were either callbacks or based on the reliable EventEmitter. Our hero story starts here: how could we navigate a world of EventEmitters with just promises? Crashes and memory leaks were daily perils, but our hero was not alone: the Node.js team started working in eager to add several tools they could wield to protect themselves from the perils!

13:30 – Consuming New Node.js Observability Features in Kubernetes Environments
Presented by Alex Alykiotis and Luke Holmquist

Once you get your application running in production, the next question is how do you keep it running and running well? Being able to observe what’s going on within your application, the resources it is using and when things are outside the expected norms is an important part of the answer. Learn about the key metrics provided by the Node.js runtime including some new additions and how you can consume these in a Kubernetes environment.

14:00 – Aligning Node.js with the Web
Presented by James Snell

While JavaScript reigns supreme on both the client side and server side, it has always been difficult to write code once that works in both environments. In this talk, James will introduce some of the ongoing efforts to better align Node.js APIs with the client side and what additional efforts to expect in the near future.

14:30 – Wellness Session: Yoga with Ro
Presented by Roisin Kavanagh

A 20 minute yoga practice with shoulder and hip focused asanas, some relaxing pranayama and a short meditation designed to realign your energy.

14:50 – Wellness Session: Mindfulness in the Midst
Presented by Susan Mazzara

It is not always easy to fit a 20-30 minute sitting meditation into our busy days, especially in the middle of a work day. This session will give you three tools for practicing mindfulness in the midst of your busy work days.

15:00 – What’s Next, the future of Node.js
Presented by Joe Sepi, Michael Dawson and Bethany Griggs

Want to know what is next for Node.js? New features? Major changes? What’s controversial? Key initiatives at the technical and organisational level?

  • Learn about new features in the latest versions of Node.js.
  • Learn about strategic initiatives and what teams are working on within the Node.js community.
  • Gain insight into how to leverage some of the new technology within Node.js.

15:30 – Broken Promises Workshop
Presented by James Snell and Matteo Collina

In our experience, if you are using promises, you are likely using them wrong (and nearly everybody else is too). This is most often due to misunderstandings about how Promises work, choices that were made by TC39 when designing the promises API, inconsistencies in how Promises are used, or failure to account for the cost of using Promises in an application, and ultimately how the event loop works.

In this workshop, we aim to help developers do the right thing with Promises. Through a series of hands on exercises and puzzles, developers will learn the ins and outs of developing with Promises in Node.js, learning everything they should do, and most importantly what they shouldn’t do, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their code and avoid common performance pitfalls.

Full Access ticket (includes workshop): €20

Full ticket price to be donated to tech2students

Talks Only ticket: Free

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