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Microsoft and NearForm announce alliance for Node.js developer migration and support services on Azure

We are announcing a new alliance to help customers migrate to using Node.js on Azure

At Node.js Interactive 2017, starting tomorrow in Vancouver, BC, nearForm and Microsoft are announcing a new alliance to help customers migrate Node.js apps to Azure, and provide enterprise-grade support for them . At NearForm we are bringing our multi-year expertise in architecting, designing and supporting Node.js apps to developers as they adopt Azure and build on top of Microsoft's cloud.

Every day, more and more Node.js developers choose to build and deploy on top of Azure, and Microsoft continues in its commitment to making investments in the area. The recent announcements of Azure App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers , combined with support for Node.js across Azure Functions , Azure Container Service and pre-provisioned VM images , provide developers a great range of choices to host their Node.js apps and services across several cloud compute models offered by Azure.

NearForm Migration and Developer Support Services

NearForm is the recognized leader in architecting and developing full-stack JavaScript solutions. With world-class teams of software architects, designers, developers, DevOps engineers and Open Source tooling experts, NearForm takes its clients worldwide through a current-architecture review workshop to a fully deployed high-performance new stack on Azure in a short space of time.

As part of the alliance, Microsoft and nearForm are announcing today the NearForm Migration and Developer Support services , which enables customers to confidently move to the cloud with Node.js on Azure. Beyond the migration of technology, NearForm can help businesses migrate to offering new SaaS capabilities : the NearForm design sprint is an intensive engagement which enables customers to generate a prototype of new business ideas in just five days. Customers can then work with NearForm's Solutions teams to turn the prototype into a production system.

NearForm's Developer Support service ensures that teams have direct access to the most knowledgeable Node.js developers in the industry, including Node.js Core contributors. This level of expertise can guide customers step by step through the process.

Customers interested in the Migration and Developer Services can request a quote from NearForm directly.

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