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Digital transformation through SaaS development

With our extensive knowledge of data engineering, cloud engineering, frontend development, backend development, automated testing and content management we have the full set of tools available to design, engineer, and develop highly performant and highly scalable enterprise applications.

Whether you’re developing an internal or external SaaS solution, NearForm has the experience to bring your project from concept to reality.

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Comprehensive SaaS development

Before we get started we work with organisations to understand the objectives and goals of the SaaS solution we will be developing together.

All of our SaaS development projects begin with a discovery workshop led by the senior product designer and senior technical director for your project.

These three day workshops allow us to develop a rapport with client teams, define milestones for the project, establish a development roadmap and produce an InVison prototype of the app which can immediately be used for testing.

Development can begin immediately and our team works alongside client teams to upskill the workforce while building the solution on the most modern and scalable platforms and technologies available in an agile work environment.

We help choose the right Cloud Native environment for the software, design a highly performant and scalable data architecture to meet client needs, design a cross-platform and aesthetically pleasing user interface, develop microservices to ensure a highly performant back-end to the application and provide automated testing throughout to help speed up time to market.

NearForm is a remote first company which allows us to hire the best talent from across the globe.

Our employees are experts in their fields and many are contributors to the open source libraries we use in our SaaS projects giving us a unique insight into the evolution of open source technologies.

We are strong supporters of the open source community and the libraries we use to develop applications are not proprietary. Clients avoid vendor lock-in when developing with NearForm.

JavaScript Development

We fully embrace JavaScript and support and contribute to open source frameworks and libraries

JavaScript Development

Cloud Engineering

We engineer comprehensive cloud infrastructures from container orchestration to infrastructure management

Cloud Engineering

Data Engineering

We design logical data infrastructure with a focus on performance and scalability

Data Engineering

Content Management

We build custom content management solutions to give clients more control over their content

Content Management

Product Development:
Our Approach

We start with Ignite, our discovery programme to understand your business’ objectives, operational environment and current capabilities to accelerate product development.

  • Build a clear understanding of ambition, scope and business case
  • Review existing capabilities (platforms, agility, limitations)
  • Detail any operational constraints and identify practical solutions

We partner with your teams to design, prototype and prioritise use cases. Together we’ll define the roadmap and architecture to meet your business and growth plans.

  • Workshops to ideate, prioritise use cases and define success metrics
  • Design, prototype and validate user experiences and interfaces
  • Define solution architecture and roadmap aligned to business impact
  • Create an agile backlog and roadmap

We build incremental solution capabilities that are aligned to your business’ priorities, leveraging modern technologies and agile practices.

  • Build modern frontend experiences and backend APIs
  • Leverage modern open source solutions to accelerate development
  • Adopt a pragmatic approach to building domain microservices
  • Embed best practice engineering and DevSecOps

We deploy intelligent solutions using a fully integrated platform to drive sustainable, measurable business growth for years to come.

  • Deploy incremental capabilities through agile delivery
  • Automated high quality deployments using CI/CD with testing
  • Monitor, measure and scale capabilities against solution demands
  • Build capabilities and upskill client teams for sustainable growth

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Ambassador Theatre Group

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