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The Inevitability of Innersource - Danese Cooper: Tech Talk Video

Is InnerSource inevitable?

Soon after Open Source definitely ‘won over’ the Tech world, Danese started thinking about the Sustainability of Open Source. It was clear proprietary organizations saw the success & velocity of open source development methods and started experimenting with these methods inside their firewalls to evolve stodgy engineering practices. Find out about how InnerSource is helping revitalize engineering at name-brand companies and even how it leads to more and better Open Source participation. This talk attempts to answer the question “Is InnerSource inevitable?”

Danese Cooper ran the first Open Source Program Office at Sun Microsystems starting in 1999. Some of the open source projects she helped release include Apache Tomcat,, NetBeans, Sun Grid Engine, GlassFish, OpenLDAP, OpenSolaris and OpenJDK.

Along the way she became a FOSS advocate, serving on the OSI board for a decade, advising major projects such as Mozilla, Ubuntu, and Drupal. Danese has been a Member of the Apache Software Foundation for 15 years and was also the first female CTO of  Wikimedia Foundation  and the first Chair of the  Node.js Foundation. Danese is now currently VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm

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