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OpenHive.JS explores open source in VoIP with Alessandro Polidori

For the seventh episode of OpenHive.JS , the podcast for all things JavaScript, Matteo and James sit down with Alessandro Polidori to discuss how open source software and Node.js are central to the technology that powers much of our communications today.

A senior software engineer at Nethesis with more than ten years of experience in web technologies, distributed architectures and agile methodologies, Alessandro brings a wealth of practical understanding to the conversation. For nearly a decade, he has helped Nethesis develop, maintain and expand unified communication and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to global businesses.

So who better to help us better understand the role Node.js and OSS play in the communications we rely on from day to day? For example, as Alessandro explains:

“"WebRTC is not a single technology you can use to make your product; it's a set of technologies. But WebRTC technologies include different kinds of protocols. So WebRTC is a media gateway, used to send and receive, for example, audio and visual media—but you have to use a signalling protocol, usually made through a signalling server, to have a negotiation of a media session."”

There is so much to learn from this conversation, particularly for listeners who are interested in the everyday implications of OSS.

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