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NearForm sponsors front-end framework Choo

nearForm is donating a significant amount financially and contributing our time and expertise to help support Choo.js

We were thrilled to announce at Node Interactive recently that we will be directly supporting the Choo.js project.

The core of the announcement is that we are donating a significant amount financially and contributing our time and expertise to help support Choo.js.

choo logo - the word choo with a train facing left to the right of the word

For those of you who aren't aware of it, Choo is a small, event-driven framework for building application front ends. It helps people build efficient, maintainable applications. Reasons we like Choo include:

  • Its super performant
  • It requires less boilerplate than React to work and it is more flexible
  • It is simpler and easier to understand than React
  • It does super-fast, server side rendering
  • It potentially gives us faster time to market and increased developer velocity

Why are we supporting Choo now?

  1. Despite the licence change, there is still uncertainty regarding React and patents
  2. We should always be looking to the future. What will replace React/Hapi/Postgres?
  3. We believe Choo can be a better front end technology that will help us deliver better solutions to our partners and clients faster.
  4. We believe that as a part of the open source community that nearForm should always try and be a neutral force in the ecosystem, and as such we like to support community-driven opensource projects (ones not conceived at big corporates) - we believe that supporting these will be the key to the long term viability of the open source movement.
  5. Finally, you sometimes see people working on something great that they are passionate about you want to encourage that passion.

Up until very recently, React had become the de-facto industry standard. Almost half of our developers use React on a daily basis and our clients pay us well to help deliver solutions in React. However, the uncertainty caused by its licence caused concern to both us and some of our clients. The switch to an MIT licence has still left questions unanswered. We will continue to fully support all of our customers who are happy with React. We will also continue to use React extensively across our projects. However for those looking for alternatives, a major goal of this investment is to provide existing React/Redux users with an easy migration path to Choo.

We believe that Choo is genuinely a better way of doing front-end development. Currently Choo is like a rough, uncut diamond. But we feel that its ethos, the community behind it, and its technical underpinnings are way ahead of anything else out there.

We are also investing in the community of people behind Choo. They are amongst the best JavaScript developers in the world - where these people go, the rest of us follow.

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