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Latest news from NearForm

Latest news from nearForm
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Today, we are delighted to tell you that successful Irish tech entrepreneur John McQuillan will be joining the NearForm board. John has a long and distinguished background in technology with his sale of Irish travel company OpenJaw being his most recent success. John brings a deep understanding of the needs of the enterprise, and many years experience in the development of large-scale software solutions. He is deeply committed to NearForm, which has the potential to become a prototype for technology companies globally. As a programmer John has been involved in the Node community for a number of years, and many of you may already have met him at our events. Welcome on board John!

NearForm has seen continued strong growth this year and we are excited to announce that there are now more than 100 NearFormers, and growing! John McQuillan joins the board at a key moment in our history as we scale up to meet and excel at the challenges of this growth.

In other changes, one of our founders Richard Rodger has decided to spin out of NearForm in order to pursue some opportunities that have arisen due to the publication of his most recent book The Tao of Microservices.

Thankfully Richard is not going too far and will continue to promote NearForm. We'd like to thank Richard for his contribution to NearForm and wish him well in the future. We have no doubt that whatever he decides to do it will be good for the South East and enrich the tech eco-system here even further!

In other NearForm news we are back in Lyrath for NodeConfEU later in the year. With the calibre of speakers already confirmed, it is shaping up to be our best NodeConfEU lineup ever. This year we have the most diverse gender mixture of any conference we have been involved in. The quality of talks and the diversity of speakers are a testament to the rapidly-maturing Node eco-system.

We have been developing complex full-stack solutions for global organisations since 2011. Our early embrace of Node.js and JavaScript-Everywhere has resulted in fundamental changes to how software is built. It is a privilege for an independent company from the South-East of Ireland to be setting out the blueprint for the next generation of successful sustainable companies in the open-source world.

We have been continuing to add amazing people to the NearForm family, and we are looking forward to pushing a major update to our website and online resources in the coming weeks.

Oh, BTW NearForm is hiring

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