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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Manager

Get to Know Digital Marketing Manager, Craig Milam

Welcome back to our Day in the Life blog series, where we are interviewing NearFormers across our business functions to learn more about what their role entails, how they came to be in their current roles, and to showcase the diverse career progression stories that our team have.

Today we are travelling to Vienna, Austria to interview Craig, our Digital Marketing Manager. Craig has been with NearForm since 2020, and is an avid yogi and guitarist in his free time.

What is your role, and what does it entail?

As a Digital Marketing Manager,  I focus on the SEO of the NearForm website, making data-driven decisions to increase brand awareness and demand generation, and working closely with other members of the marketing team on digital strategy while also optimising all campaigns and content.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

I have an amazing team of co-workers who I enjoy working with every day.

What is your biggest work challenge on a day to day basis?

The biggest challenge is making sure that SEO best practices are being followed both on the content side as well as the technical side - this requires a lot of oversight and communication.

The Albertina in Vienna, Austria

Tell us about your day.

My days consist of a lot of different meetings but generally, I have a good rhythm on Mondays. I’ll be taking you along as I document my activities from a recent Monday.

8:30 am:

I’m up and having a bit of leisure time before starting work. I check for updates on my favourite sports teams: Houston Texans, Houston Rockets and Houston Astros, followed by the news. I then play a few rounds of Dots & Co. on my Android phone

9 am:

I spend the first two hours responding to messages that came in since I logged off for the weekend, organising meetings, doing keyword research and assembling a report on the state of SEO and search traffic to the NearForm website.

Preparing this report allows me to look for patterns and new trends as well as find new wins or areas where we can improve. It's a valuable part of my job that keeps me focused on making sure the SEO is working as it should.

11 am:

On Mondays, my team presents an update on how things are going in each member's particular focus area to the entire Marketing department. I present the report I prepared earlier to my team, touching on search traffic, trends, keywords and goal completions, and answer any follow-up questions.

11:30 am:

A few of my teammates have organised a call to discuss an email strategy for our new Nurture Program. We discuss best practices and shape the email around those. We go through the email several times to make sure we get the messaging right and agree to send it on to another person in marketing to get their opinion before proceeding with the campaign.

12:30 pm:

I meet with my manager who has been on holiday for the past week to align on work and discuss anything she missed while she was out.

1 pm:

It’s now lunchtime:  I prepare a package of Ben's Original Spicy Mexican Rice, mix in some falafel and creamy garlic sauce and sit down to eat. After I finish, I check the news and play a few more rounds of Dots & Co.

1:30 pm:

On Mondays, in the early hours of the morning, I have a scheduled site audit which I run through Ahrefs, which looks for technical SEO issues. I check the report and fix any issues that have been flagged. We currently have a 100/100 score on our technical SEO so there isn't much for me to fix today:

2 pm:

I have a scheduled call with IT to update some DNS records related to the sites. During our call we discover that the DNS settings (which are controlled by a third party) have not yet been updated and we are unable to complete the task for which we have come together. We send an email to the third party with the changes we need implemented and agree to address the issue tomorrow.

2:15 pm:

A colleague reaches out to me about a video concept I had for an upcoming conference I will be attending, and I respond with feedback.

2:30 pm:

I reach out to our events manager with a flyer concept I developed with our graphic designer and we agree on how many flyers to print to have available at the upcoming event.

2:45 pm:

I begin working on the new iteration of the NearForm website. The website is in its final stages and I'm making sure all of the pages have a uniform layout. We use a themebuilder for our WordPress installation so this takes a while to manually update 1 page.

3:45 pm:

I jump into our website standup call to have a chat with our designer about what we are working on and make sure we are on the same page.

4:15 pm:

The third party I mentioned earlier got back to us quickly with the changes we were waiting on so I hop on to another call with IT to complete the domain transfer.

5:00 pm:

I have a scheduled call with two teammates to get onboarding for a marketing tool we have just begun using. I take some notes during the call to make sure I remember how to use the system.

5:30 pm:

I complete some work on the NearForm website which I've been working on in between appointments throughout the day.

6:00 pm:

It’s the end of the day for me, so I put aside my computer and do a home workout which is a mix of body weight exercises and yoga. This is a great way to wrap up the day and switch out of work mode.

7:00 pm:

I shower and make gluten-free fusilli pasta with vegan pesto for dinner and sit down to watch Netflix and relax.

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