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To thrive in this complex and changing world, EFQM recognised organisations need tools to enable fast decision-making and approaches to make them more agile. EFQM needed to move away from the long-established Model version, which was paper-driven and based on the old economy way of working. To digitise their whole customer journey, as well as update the Model, EFQM needed new technology. An updated knowledge Base and a new Assess Base were to be the start of this digital transformation.

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Start with a workshop

Solve complex problems and deliver instant value with a 3 day workshop. We facilitate the workshop on site and work with you to improve an existing product or validate a new one. We have three types of workshop we use with clients: Design led workshop, Discovery workshop and an Architecture workshop. With all our workshops you get senior technical directors and designers to help guide you through the process. 

What you get in 3 days:

  • Ready-to-build workplan
  • Senior technical team
  • High-fidelity prototype ready to validate and test with customers.


NodeConf EU 2020

Founded in 2012, NodeConf EU is now the premier event in Europe for the Node.js community. This is where visionaries, industry leaders and Node.js experts come together to collaborate and discuss the latest developments in Node in a positive learning environment.

This year the conference returns to the medieval city of Kilkenny, Ireland. Kilkenny is the neighbour of Waterford – the world’s new Node.js centre of excellence and home of NearForm.

NodeConf EU 2020 website

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