Building a Robust Platform in Record Time


The Story

TELUS Digital is leading the way in
building omnichannel platforms
for the TELUS group of companies.

Seamless omnichannel experiences for consumers is the goal of any modern business that wants to compete in today’s digital world. But how do you make that vision a reality and what are the key technology strategies and decisions to make it work?

“We are passionate about the potential of a truly modern, well architectured digital stack to support continuous innovation and feature roll-out.  Working with TELUS Digital, who share that vision, is a genuine pleasure.”

Fiacc O’Brien Moran, NearForm
Technical Director

“Generally the time to market for any new app is about 30-40% less than it was, which is huge!”

Steve Tannock, TELUS Digital
Director, Platform Technology and Tools

The Challenge

Strengthening Digital Presence

While already a strong digital presence, TELUS, like every other large enterprise, has faced challenges around monolithic legacy architectures and siloed teams and technologies. They chose to rethink and restructure not just their technology stack, but their ways of working to create a really powerful and future-proofed approach to delivering real omnichannel experiences across multiple brands and (soon) multiple industries.

Building capability in:

TELUS reached out to NearForm to be a digital partner on this journey. NearForm is helping to strengthen their digital presence and enable omnichannel experiences across multiple organisations.

  • Mobile Development

  • Agile Methodology

  • One Team Mentality

  • Modern DevOps Practices

  • Figma


Design & development for React Native/Web applications

Stronger digital capability – Processes, People, Technology Stack, Standards, Documentation

Architecture and code for GraphQL, React and Design Systems and tooling

Improved ways of working for all teams who have worked with NearForm

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The Results

TELUS Digital now experiences a 30-40% reduction in time-to-market for apps.

We’re working to strengthen the digital presence of the company with a design system and infrastructure that greatly increases productivity while reducing overall development time.

The new design and cross-platform development platforms and practices are now being adopted across the TELUS group and will be rolled out to new brands and industries.

Productivity and innovation is greatly increased across both design and development teams who can now focus on business outcomes rather than on the underlying technology.

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