Open Source

We recognise that many organisations prefer to operate under a commercially supported open source product. NearForm has developed a number of packages to take care of all your enterprise demands.

Global Centre of Excellence

As one of the largest, international contributors to Node Core and home to some of the world’s thought leaders in Node.js, NearForm is perfectly positioned to offer exceptional, commercially supported open source products.

Multi-platform Approach

Our product packages are designed to meet the needs of companies running large-scale, Node.js containerised workloads – and who want to do so securely and confidently. We provide complete support, SLAs and escalation processes around Node Core issues, ensuring swift issue resolution and compliance with your organisational policies.


Clinic.js is a suite of diagnostic tools designed to help Node.js developers and architects get the maximum performance from their code. Developed by the famed NearForm Node.js team, Clinic.js provides actionable insights into and visualisation of your code.

This open source suite is ground-breaking in its ability to

  • Identify and solve performance issues
  • Accelerate your software teams by reducing time spent on problem solving ( x10!)
  • Catch problems before deployment to production – an industry first
  • Speed up applications and reduce server bills
  • Share critical diagnostics and analysis across your teams

The Node Clinic suite includes Clinic.js Doctor, Clinic.js Flame, Clinic.js
, Clinic.js Upload.

Free to install, these tools detect and diagnose performance issues in the development and CI phases of your software lifecycle. Developers are provided with automated problem determination, innovative visualisation of asynchronous processes and deep insights into application structure and flow.

For companies looking for additional support, NearForm provides a commercial premium support offering where we help your developer teams build deeper understanding and visibility into what is happening within their applications.

Node.js Distribution

NearForm provides commercial support for our Node.js container images. As one of the largest global contributors to Node Core, our knowledge of Node.js goes far beyond that of any other organisation. Our distribution is 100% OSS using the Node Foundation source with no closed source components. This ensures you can confidently work with NearForm whilst avoiding vendor lock-in.

Node.js LTS Commercial Support

NearForm is a global centre of excellence for Node.js. We provide customers running large scale Node.js containerised workloads with Node Core support.  Customers have access to full support, SLA and escalation processes around Node Core issues, ensuring prompt resolution of problems and compliance with the organisation’s policies.

  • NearForm provides support for the lifetime of each LTS version of Node.js.
  • Updated Images are automatically made available after each Node Foundation release once they have been validated by NearForm.
  • Distributions are free to use under the same License as Node.js.
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