Digital business places new demands on the speed of application development and delivery. Whether you need to design and build new apps or modernise existing applications, we have a range of services to get you to your destination.

NearForm builds modern software applications that allows your enterprise to innovate at speed. Whether maximising existing functionality or creating entirely new applications, our expert team uses advanced tools and processes to deliver on time, on budget and with little or no risk.
User-led Process

Web application development can be a complicated process these days. All too often, projects are delivered late or over budget, with poor user experience and security issues being regular pitfalls. We try to do things differently at NearForm and have created a user-led delivery process that ensures high-quality, compliant and secure software, on time and within budget. From design, front-end, back-end and DevOps right through to security, architecture and infrastructure, we are your full-service partner for business innovation.

Rapid and Secure Development

First and foremost, we make sure to fully understand your needs – it sounds obvious but this crucial step is frequently overlooked. Once that’s established, our expert designers, architects, developers and data scientists employ the latest open source tools, fresh design thinking and lean methodologies to create applications at speed. We assemble the most appropriate technology stack for each specific project and implement custom-fit, pragmatic architecture. Security is prioritised across the entire development life cycle, de-risking the process from the outset. The on-brand, performant and maintainable solutions we produce demonstrate our absolute commitment to customer satisfaction.

New Life for Legacy Systems

Not all businesses have the freedom to create software applications from scratch. We know that, quite often, legacy systems need to be integrated and modernised. NearForm has the expertise and knowledge to maximise the functionality of existing applications, enabling them to keep apace with ever-changing market requirements. By introducing modern processes, products and technologies, our team can reinvigorate your existing systems, making them faster, more flexible and secure.

Multi-platform Approach

As significant contributors to Node.js, NearForm is highly skilled in application development on the web platform. But we are also keenly aware that one size does not fit all. Our team has broad experience in the full range of available technologies and tools. Using this knowledge, we let the project requirements determine the best technology stack for you.

Diverse Solutions

We work with a host of clients, creating industry-specific software applications to help their businesses grow. Our projects include solutions for:

Transport Predictive analysis in shipping.

Manufacturing Advanced analytical optimisation in manufacturing.

Financial Services Inventory and forecasting in banking.

Supply Chain Strategic initiatives analytical-impact tracking in procurement.

Media & Entertainment ecommerce website redevelopment in media.

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