Data Engineering & Analytics

Data-driven solutions that accelerate decision-making.

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Data Engineering & Analytics

To make business-critical decisions, you need highly accessible, accurate, actionable insights.

Extracting, analysing, and sharing business and consumer insights across your teams is paramount if you want to drive competitive advantage.

We help our clients build data-driven solutions, equipping them with the tools to accelerate real-time decision-making.

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Data Engineering

Why Choose NearForm as Your Data Engineering & Analytics Partner?

At NearForm, we have a proven track record of delivering data-driven solutions for our clients across finance, healthcare, technology and retail.

We help organisations build incremental platform architecture capabilities and deploy reusable data assets and data pipelines to support their ambitious development and analytics goals.

Our intelligent data solutions combine data engineering, smart architectures and cloud services to solve business-critical challenges at speed and scale.

Data Modernisation

Modernise your data and future-proof your analytics engine.

Data Engineering

Expertly engineered, intelligent data solutions. No compromise.

Data Security

Enjoy robust, end-to-end data security across your business.

Data Engineering & Analytics:
Our Approach

We assess your data platforms and identify key areas for improvement across functional and non-functional requirements, data capabilities, and operational processes to deliver maximum business impact.

  • Review current core data platforms and limitations
  • Assess existing data processing capabilities (quality, speed, accessibility)
  • Detail any operational constraints and identify practical solutions

We design modern, practical cloud data platforms using distributed relational and document stores, streaming, and caching technologies to drive actionable analytics and business intelligence.

  • Workshops to develop and prioritise data-driven use cases
  • Design a modern data architecture aligned to key use cases
  • Provide an implementation roadmap directly linked to business impact

We build incremental data capabilities that are aligned to your business’ priorities, leveraging modern technologies and agile practices.

  • Define and develop structured and unstructured data models
  • Source data and develop ETL/ELT pipelines using best practices and tools
  • Reuse data through data-as-a-product APIs using modern frameworks

We deploy intelligent data models to expand your data capabilities and drive sustainable, measurable business growth for years to come.

  • Test, validate and deploy use case data models
  • Automate, schedule and deploy data pipelines
  • Track, measure and report on data KPIs
  • Capability building to instil best practices and expand skills

Data Engineering & Analytics:
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“NearForm brought extremely talented engineers and designers to the Data Hub project which was instrumental in meeting and matching our own engineering team’s high standards for quality and delivery.”
Reza Hajebi, Vice President of Engineering, Skycatch
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“The technologies NearForm uses – Node.js and Open Source, microservices – are where we see the future. Working with a company who’s right at the heart of these technologies leaves us well-positioned to make the most of them.”
Alex Collins, Director of EY Virtual Advisor, EY
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