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DevOps & Platform Engineering

Is your organisation under increasing pressure to cope with growing demands from customers and business partners?

If you have several teams working on multiple products, this can lead to an inability to deliver new features quickly and difficulty increasing velocity as they scale.

Moreover, when developers spend more time on manual tasks than critical features directly linked to business impact, this can result in frustration.

We help our clients accelerate delivery and automate the path to production across teams and applications, improving velocity, scale and DevEx.

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Why Choose NearForm as Your
DevOps & Platform Engineering Partner?

At NearForm, we combine the best engineering, cloud and architecture talent to help organisations accelerate delivery, beginning with a lighthouse project to demonstrate excellence, before rapidly expanding across the application portfolio.

We leverage modern tools, technologies, platforms and processes to improve quality and reliability, automate the path to production, increase velocity, and accelerate business outcomes.

We know what makes a great developer experience, so we blend modern architectures and development processes with DevOps, CI/CD and SRE to create game-changing developer platforms.

Platform Engineering

Transformative platforms that improve DevEx and reduce the time to market.


Embrace DevOps best practices that drive quality, security and velocity.


Scalability, reliability and performance by design.

DevOps & Platform Engineering:
Our Approach

We assess your operational platforms and processes to identify key areas for improvement. We benchmark development practices, deployment processes and review functional and non-functional requirements.

  • Review current infrastructure setup and limitations
  • Assess existing development and deployment process capabilities
  • Detail any operational constraints and identify practical solutions
  • Assess DevEx and requirements for developer platform

We design cloud solution architectures and developer platforms that scale to your business’ demands and redesign manual development practices into modern, automated CI/CD processes.

  • Design cloud infrastructure, enabling your solution to scale over time
  • Define, build, test, validate and deploy CI/CD pipelines
  • Provide an implementation roadmap linked to development requirements
  • Create a platform roadmap and backlog to drive future capabilities

We embed automation, configuration, observability, instrumentation and security best practices from the start to ensure operational readiness.

  • Apply practical DevSecOps processes to reduce deployment risk
  • Embed SRE capability from the start to ensure operational readiness
  • Design, code and deploy cloud-based infrastructure using IaC
  • Build developer platform to improve DevEx and speed to market

We apply an incremental, continuous deployment approach to mitigate risk, while delivering features early to users to accelerate business impact.

  • Select deployment strategies based on solution environment
  • Establish key metrics to track, measure and report
  • Address security concerns early to reduce deployment risks
  • Capability building to instil best practices and expand skills

DevOps & Platform Engineering:
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