Our open source origins mean we like to share. We champion the value of knowledge transfer and offer a variety of training and support services, tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.

We work with clients around the world on a one-off or ongoing basis. Developed to boost team performance and empower your organisation to take advantage of modern digital platforms, our capability-building services include:


With over 150 solution builds under our belt, NearForm consultants draw on a wealth of expertise to upskill businesses across every aspect of the modern application stack.

We can assist your team in creating and delivering design sprints, architecture reviews, code reviews and coding guidelines (including proper use of the latest Node.js features).

We provide advice and clear direction on system performance, Node.js module usage and microservice architectures. Building on our extensive background in full-stack JavaScript enterprise web applications, we also offer DevOps, DevSecOps and reference architecture support.

Developer Support
(Node.js and React)

Our Node.js and React developer support service gives your business access to world leaders in JavaScript development.

Using NearForm’s ongoing engagement model, your development team can tap into our knowledge pool as and when they need it – helping your organisation to stay on top of best practice.

We know that development projects can be complex and are there to offer support and guidance as you kick off any new venture.

Developer & DevOps

NearForm offers an extensive selection of workshops for your in-house development teams. Whether you are migrating to Node.js from another technology stack or looking to master the latest software development and deployment techniques, we have a course that’s right for you. Our wide range of topics includes:

  • Enterprise Node.js in Production
  • Node.js Performance
  • Full-stack Javascript Software Architectures
  • Secure DevOps with CI/CD
  • Migrating to Kubernetes

Generally delivered over three to five days, our workshops are dynamic, practical and interactive. Taking your team’s current issues, we offer the tools and insights to analyse, problem-solve and progress, leaving you with a clear path to enhanced performance.


Danese Cooper, VP of Special Initiatives

InnerSource is the use of best practice open source methods inside your organisation to get some of the advantages of the collaborative way of building open source software.  It brings a change of culture to the business allowing employees to free up their work through transparency and cross collaboration. Speed, quality and typically much happier developers result.

First proposed by Tim O’Reilly there are a lot of benefits to InnerSource for enterprises that adopt it. It can resolve many different problems within the organisation, for example it’s been used to help with

  • Lack of innovation
  • Lack of code re-use
  • Lack of full stack knowledge across the organisation
  • Bottlenecks due to excessive silos

To get up and running we tell a company to start with a single experiment to learn about their culture and where the push backs are for true collaboration.  To learn more about the key steps to ‘InnerSourcing’ your organisation take a look at our video .One of the foremost InnerSource evangelists in the world is a NearFormer.  Danese has many years’ experience as an advocate for open source software in the enterprise and is a founder of InnerSourceCommons.org.