Application Modernisation

Future-ready applications that unleash innovation.

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Application Modernisation

Legacy applications often cause numerous headaches for businesses, ranging from slow performance and a poor user experience, to operational inefficiencies and spiralling costs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Outdated systems can also limit your digital capabilities and reduce the pace of innovation, stalling business growth and making it difficult to compete.

Whether you’re seeking to modernise existing software or build a brand new digital platform, we can help.

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Why Choose NearForm as Your Application Modernisation Partner?

At NearForm, we modernise applications using leading-edge technologies, development practices and delivery processes to create future-ready enterprise solutions that accelerate business outcomes.

We help organisations break down complexity and unravel siloed legacy systems, transforming them into uncompromising, elegant software solutions that enhance, accelerate and streamline business functions.

No matter your business challenge, our expert engineers work collaboratively within your teams to identify and apply the right technologies to deliver maximum impact.

App Modernisation

Evaluate apps and define plan to rearchitect and deploy as cloud native.

Services & Infrastructure

Take advantage of new technologies and accelerate product development.


Clarify how your system wants to behave to deliver business value.

Application Modernisation:
Our Approach

We start by defining your goals and understanding your business’ objectives and current technology landscape, processes and practices.

  • Build a clear understanding of ambition, scope and business case
  • Evaluate existing capabilities surrounding technology and agility
  • Detail any operational constraints and identify practical solutions
  • Define the team and scope ready for next steps

We redesign, replatform, rebuild and refactor, leveraging existing digital assets where possible, while balancing cost versus risk.

  • Workshops to develop and prioritise key areas to modernise
  • Design an open cloud architecture that allows for innovation
  • Architect an API ecosystem supporting current and future needs
  • Develop an implementation roadmap for modernisation

We work in cross-functional teams to build a highly collaborative development environment that accelerates the design-to-build process.

  • Leverage modern and open source technologies to build capabilities
  • Build loosely-coupled items that can be composed and orchestrated
  • Apply data engineering practices to support modernisation
  • Embed SRE capability from the start to ensure operational readiness

We automate and apply lean processes wherever possible to deploy incremental transformational capabilities that work alongside existing processes and solutions.

  • Deploy cloud-based infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code
  • Deploy API-driven microservices to replace existing legacy processes
  • Embed DevSecOps, DataOps and continuous delivery practices
  • Capability building to instil best practices and expand skills

Application Modernisation:
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“Generally the time to market for any new app is about 30-40% less than it was, which is huge!”
Steve Tannock, Director of Platform Technology and Tools, TELUS Digital
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ATG Tickets

Transforming the customer experience and building in-house technical capabilities
“We’re seeing a 25% improvement in conversion rate for the new website compared to the old website and sales of upsells have also increased.”
Malcolm Reid, Director of Product Engineering, ATG
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