NearForm Accelerators are our codified learnings.

NearForm Accelerators are opinionated yet pragmatic, and were developed from our deep experience delivering real world solutions. They fulfill several quality attributes of any modern cloud solution; modularity, security, performance, maintainability, evolvability and in particular locality – the developer experience – providing solution teams the capability to focus on what matters – delivering business impact, fast. We improve them continuously.

Polaris Accelerator logo

Omni Channel

A modern front-end architecture that ensures best practice at every stage of service delivery. One code base, three platforms – Android, iOS and Web.
Taurus accelerator logo

Enterprise Infrastructure Stack

For developing production ready Kubernetes powered infrastructure; auditing, logging, monitoring, alerting and more.
Titus accelerator logo

SaaS Archetype Solution

For developing Portals and SaaS applications. Authentication, Authorisation, APIs, Database, Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipelines.
Mira accelerator logo

AWS Cloud Native

For developing AWS Cloud Native solutions. Leveraging the full power of AWS and embracing the serverless paradigm.
Orion accelerator logo

Headless CMS Archetype

For developing rich bespoke client journeys focused on Content and Engagement. Content as a service, analytics, search, recommendations and engagement.
Quantum accelerator logo

Design System Generator

For developing enterprise scale Design Systems that underpin your entire application portfolio. Focuses on Designer productivity and Developer ease of use.
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