Experts in the Field

nearForm provides commercial support for our Node.js container images. This includes both our OpenShift and Docker distributions of Node.js.

As one of the largest global contributors to Node Core, our knowledge of Node.js goes far beyond that of any other organisation. Our distribution is 100% OSS using the Node Foundation source with no closed source components. This ensures you can confidently work with nearForm whilst avoiding vendor lock-in.

Node.js 8.x LTS

Commercial support

nearForm is a global center of excellence for Node.js. Many of our customers, who are running large scale Node.js containerized workloads, require Node Core support. We provide full support, SLA and escalation processes around Node Core issues, ensuring that you are compliant with your organization's policies and that those issues are addressed promptly.

Standard and Premium support tiers are available.


nearForm provides support for the lifetime of each LTS version of Node.js. Contact us directly to learn more about the commercial and technical details of our support offerings.


Updated images are automatically made available a short period after each Node Foundation release, once they have been validated by nearForm.


These distributions are free to use under the same license as Node.js
To learn more about our support offerings contact us
nearForm's Node.js images for OpenShift are Red Hat certified.