NearForm was founded in Ireland in 2011.  Our first client project was the rebuilding of a national weekend newspaper.

Sea, Sand and Software

We’re headquartered in the small town of Tramore in Ireland’s sunny South East.  The name Tramore comes from the Irish ‘Trá Mhór’, meaning ‘great strand’.  It’s famous for its ice-cream, fairground, sand and digital thinking skills!


We adopt a ‘remote-first’ approach to building NearForm, hiring highly talented designers, developers, engineers and architects worldwide to service clients across the globe.  90% of our employees work remotely.  We are often asked “how do you operate as a remote-first company?”.  By fostering the right culture that is built on four cornerstones: trust, collaboration, communication and support.  Our remote working model provides the best environment for productivity, creativity and sheer focus and is proven to deliver operational efficiencies for us and our clients. It’s a strong element of our unrivalled capability in rapid iteration and accelerated delivery of go-to-market ready solutions.  

We are pioneers

We were the first professional services software company in Europe to go all-in on node.js.  In 2012, we established Ireland’s first and only Node.js Developer Meetup in Dublin and Europe’s longest-running and leading Node.js conference NodeConf EU, providing a forum for the Node.js community.

New HQ

In 2015, we moved into our new headquarters at Waterford County Council’s old building in Tramore.  This remains our HQ of today and is home to one of the best kitchen’s in Ireland.  If you ever come to visit, be sure to stay for lunch!
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1,277 npm modules are currently maintained by NearFormers. We are one of the most active Node Core committers.  In 2018, we authored and reviewed 67% of 1963 total commits to Node.js Core and NearFormers contributed to modules that represented 8% global npm downloads.   Did you know that 30% of the code in Node v10 was written by NearForm?  


Flappy Bird!

Just one of the things you can play and do on the NodeConfEU digital badge! As well as receiving alerts about the the agenda and transport times, you can also use it as an Etch-a-sketch, use Blockly to write your code graphically, use the accelerometer and compass, see the live heatmap and clapometer.

27 Countries

Although we are headquartered in Tramore in Waterford, Ireland, we are located across 27 countries worldwide and work with clients both on-site and off-site.  Our remote-first approach to building our team of experts has afforded us the ability to build an otherwise inaccessible pool of highly talented engineers.

Our one-team approach

We adopt a ‘one-team’ approach, collaborating closely with our clients’ product owners and business leads.  Our highly-skilled multi-disciplinary teams – typically consisting of designers, front-end and back-end developers, data visualisation specialists, delivery architects and DevOps engineers –  transfer knowledge and build in-house skills during the engagement.  This empowers the enterprise to become more self-sufficient and remain in control of the artifacts and processes, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in and minimising the risk.  It also helps to upskill and retain key staff.

Building Blocks

Many of the most popular web, api, iot, logging, frameworks and performance tools are crafted by NearFormers: HAPI, Fastify, Pino, Ox, React (Hooks and ESX) and Clinic.js.  These open source building blocks drive faster, stronger, cleaner software solutions for enterprises worldwide.  

New York

Our first major client was CondeNast in 2012.  Since then, we’ve worked with some of the world’s other leading media organisations to deliver game-changing customer experience solutions including NY Times, New York Magazine, VICE Magazine, London Times, and the Ambassador Theatre Group in London.

Developer Community

NearForm established the first annual European node.js community conference for developers, NodeConfEU, which is now in its 8th year and is attended by 285 people from across 36 different countries.  We also established Dublin’s monthly Node.js Developer Meetup, now also running in its 8th year with an average of 88 attendees each month.  The developer community is a big part of who we are and what we do.  Some of our experts dedicate their time to speaking at community events and sharing their knowledge and experiences with other like-minded individuals.  Open source contribution and ongoing maintenance is a key component to our existence.

Co-Founder & CEO

Listen to our latest podcast interview with Cian Ó’Maidín, our co-founder and CEO, as he shares the founding principles of NearForm, the critical factors to the future success of Open Source in the enterprise and how Node.js has evolved in its 10 years.

20 Project Teams with Silicon Valley Mindset

This year (2019) we have on average 20 project teams, any of which would make a very capable VC funded startup team in Silicon Valley. We bring the speed and vibrance of a Silicon Mindset to each and every one of our clients.


Speed & Performance is inherent in our philosophy and we help clients to work at a much faster pace than they had imagined possible.  Our Clinic.js tools for instance are built to help teams diagnose and identify a range of Node.js performance issues during development, empowering developers to solve hard problems.  Use of the tools lead to improved system performance delivering better user experiences for companies.    Did you know that NearFormers are also responsible for high performance modules that organisations like NetFlix use for all frontend logging infrastructure?



We have deep IoT network and protocol expertise and NearFormers have been responsible for modules that have been used by some of the world’s largest organisations for their IoT services – for example, Mosca – and for MQTT.js, the Node.js library used by all major cloud vendors for IoT including IBM, Microsoft and AWS.


We have a focus on high-performance accelerated innovation.  Typical solutions can be built in just 12 weeks from design to working MVP thanks to our design thinking, our technology accelerators, our client-tailored methodologies based on Agile principles and our remote-first model.


As a private company, not only do we invest more in continuous growth of software industry, but we are more responsive and more nimble to our clients’ needs and to market developments.

1,280 years and growing!

We may be small in size but we’re big in expertise! Our wealth of knowledge is a reflection on our combined years of experience across our team of designers, developers and DevOps. Our people have an average of 13 years experience, having been early contributors, adopters and influencers in Open Source.  Check out our Inform section for some of their insights.


In 2018, we authored and reviewed 67% of 1963 total commits to Node.js Core.


We’ve build a suite of accelerators to help companies in the finance sector to launch enterprise-ready customer experience solutions in just weeks, from highly responsive websites to highly-intuitive mobile apps using open source APIs.  We work with clients to build opportunities in Open Banking.

Step 3: Sketch

We work with clients from concept to reality, through ideation, prototyping & development in a 5-stage process.  This iterative model is used to discover, build and test ideas in a risk-free environment and in a low-cost fashion.  We we hired our first Designer in 2015 (think science of design, rather than graphic design).  Since this time all of our project work has become design-led.


Want to know the concept behind the name NearForm? It’s something that is ever-evolving to be as near perfect as it can be.  Listen to our latest podcast interview with Cian Ó’Maidín, our co-founder and CEO, as he explains this, the evolution of node.js and importance of the Open Source community.

24,901 Miles of Smiles

We put our customers and people at the centre of our company culture.  Happy people means happy customers. You only need to follow us on Twitter to see!

Danese Cooper

Danese Cooper joined us as VP of Special Initiatives in 2018 after serving nearly 5 years as the Head of Open Source Software at PayPal during which time she also served as inaugural Chairperson of the Node.js Foundation. She concentrates on creating healthy open source communities and has served on the Boards of the Drupal Association, the Open Source Initiative, the Open Hardware Association and has advised Mozilla and the Apache Software Foundation.  You can request a complimentary copy of her book on InnerSource here.  Danese is an avid knitter and trad musician too!

Pink is hot

Pink was the most requested colour of NearForm t-shirts when we rebranded in 2018.  Technically, the colour is known as Brunch after the well-known local HB ice-lolly.  Other colours in the NearForm brand are Super Split – also a famous ice-lolly – and Bubblegum!