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We clarify intent and bring focus
Product Exploration, User Research, Design Sprints, and Discovery Workshops.
We orchestrate experiences
Rapid Prototyping, Customer Journeys, Service Design.
We bring your ventures to life
Product design- and development.
World class product design coupled with
world class product development

At nearForm we pride ourselves in coupling world class development with world class product design to deliver maximum value to the users of your solutions. The design team are an eclectic mix of highly skilled creatives; all broadly experienced but with a deep passion for user centered design. This translates into a broad selection of methods and skills that help you define your products’ true form.

We view design as a fundamental enabler of solution development; our designers are involved throughout the entire solution lifecycle - from initial ideation workshops, developing low and high fidelity prototypes, user testing, right through to product development and beyond, our team will always put your users first.

When the stakes are high, your product can’t rely on siloed partners, each building their own piece of the puzzle. Shared understanding and intense collaboration between design and development is the only way a world-class product can be be brought to life.

Understand what a MVP looks like
Ideation & Concept WORKSHOP
2 to 5 Days

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Design and test what the product is going to be
Build. Measure. Learn.
Build solution that meets user needs and business goals
LEAN UX & development
Millions of people use our products across the globe
Joy Burke
Joy Burke
Senior Product Designer
With over 7 years experience in User Experience Design, I have worked in multinationals such as Cisco, IBM and Mastercard. I conceptualize product solutions within multidisciplinary product teams.
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