Decoded Technology Talks Series

A Roundtable Technology Series

Moderated by Conor O’Neill
The live web series that puts technology into context by exploring the real-world applications and day-to-day challenges addressed by modern software.

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What to expect

Balancing technical knowledge with practical experience and the learnings that come with that can be a real challenge.

In this series, we’ll sit down with people who use proven tech every day to solve business and use-case issues, to find out what’s behind the choices they make and how they build solutions that work.

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Accelerating software development

Katie Roberts & Simone Busoli
A successful methodology for accelerated delivery must capitalise on earned expertise while allowing for iterative improvements, ongoing development and new learnings.
  • Software

Solving the frontend sprawl

Damian Beresford & Sergi Mansilla
Today’s average frontend is a collection of legacy technologies, siloed applications and loosely aligned teams — but the future frontend will be engineered differently.
  • Frontend engineering

Doing SaaS development right

Dean McDonnell & Damien Simonin Feugas
As global enterprise increasingly takes an ‘as-a-service’ approach to products and operations, the ability to quickly and effectively develop in the cloud becomes vital.
  • Software

Going serverless for the win

Mark Ireland & Piotr Zimoch
Developing serverless and cloud native applications has become a key strategy for enterprises, but achieving a well-architected, scalable solution remains a challenge.
  • Serverless

Rethinking content management

Adrian Rossouw & Ken Ahlstrom
With traditional content management systems leaving a lot to be desired, forward-thinking enterprises are looking for scalable, secure solutions that prioritise performance.
  • CMS | Headless CMS

The next 25 years of JavaScript

James Snell, Matteo Collina, Anna Henningsen & Eric Lewis

This special joint episode of Decoded and OpenHive.JS celebrates the 25-year anniversary of JavaScript by discussing what we can expect and hope for in the next 25 years.

  • JavaScript

Deploying from day one

Dean McDonnell & Petr Kohut
Cloud applications are integral to many enterprise strategies, but what if the time and effort being poured into getting infrastructure right could go to feature development?
  • Deployment | DevOps

Building accessible solutions

Jack Clark & Matt Obee

Ensuring the latest software apps and products are accessible by the people who need and want to use them sounds obvious, so why is accessibility often an end-of-project check rather than the priority it needs to be?

  • Accessibility

The promise of DevOps

Matteo Collina & David Gonzalez
DevOps done well brings a range of benefits, from streamlined processes and faster deployment to better communication across teams — so why isn’t everyone doing it?
  • DevOps


Conor O’Neill — Moderator

A renowned voice in the technology space and 28-year veteran of the software industry, Conor has been a developer, project manager, programme manager, start-up founder and much more. He leverages his extensive experience in building enterprise solutions and his passion for innovative thinking and collaboration to lead product development teams to success.

Dean McDonnell

A technologist at heart, Dean brings a lifetime of passion and more than 15 years of professional experience across software engineering, architecture and technical sales to every project. Known for his expertise in next-generation mobile and cloud technologies, Dean is skilled in all aspects of software development, from backend to frontend engineering.

Adrian Rossouw

A full-stack JavaScript engineer with more than 15 years of industry experience, Adrian is an open source project founder and key contributor to major OSS projects including Drupal and Node.js. Bringing a studious and inclusive approach to leadership, Adrian helps highly skilled development teams deliver transformative projects for global clients.

Damien Simonin Feugas

A skilled delivery architect who loves solving problems and writing code, Damien brings more than 14 years of development experience and a positive attitude to every project. With a focus on teamwork and helping others deliver their best, Damien blends sharp development skills with effective organisation and clear communication to ensure project success.

Jack Clark

A passionate advocate for simplicity, accessibility and good user experience, Jack works across the full stack to develop software that adds value to everyday life. With more than nine years of experience in the software industry, Jack specialises in frontend development and is committed to learning and applying the technologies that power usability.

Stuart Giles

A senior UX/UI designer with more than 20 years of commercial experience, Stuart approaches each project with a focused, patient commitment to creating designs that support the needs of both clients and users. A specialist in delivering design at scale, Stuart builds design systems that are resilient, flexible and promote continued improvement through collaboration.

Damian Beresford

With more than 25 years’ experience in the software industry, Damian combines deep technical skill and expertise in software architecture and development with a broad understanding of software as a creative process. An active learner and effective leader, Damian excels in identifying the right tools, processes and people to help global companies unlock their digital potential.

Mark Ireland

A skilled, deliberate and trusted technology leader, Mark brings more than 20 years of experience in software development and architecture to his role as Technical Director at NearForm. Mark architects complex, highly available systems and leads engineering teams through the design, development and integration of applications across sectors.

Sergi Mansilla

A tireless advocate of using the right tool for the job, Sergi has nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry and a strong development background. In addition to contributing to multiple open source projects, Sergi co-founded the NGO JustPeace Labs, wrote a book about Reactive Programming and works to empower developers by bringing tech communities together.

Piotr Zimoch

With more than 15 years of experience in software development, Piotr has amassed a wealth of expertise in a variety of technologies, having delivered medium and large-scale solutions for enterprise customers. Currently Piotr is focused on cloud and serverless, holding most available AWS certificates and spending his spare time as an AWS trainer.

Ken Ahlstrom

A skilled and versatile software developer, Ken has more than 15 years of experience in the software industry and more than seven years’ experience in project management. With specialities ranging from Node.js and React to software architecture and API design, Ken brings a focus on functionality and usability to every project he delivers.

Petr Kohut

A true advocate of DevOps methodology, Petr has more than ten years of experience in software development, including strong experience with AWS and GCP clouds. A member of the open source community, Petr also has written several backend REST API services in Node.js for web and mobile applications for start-ups.

Decoded Technology Talks Series

A Roundtable Technology Series

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