Decoded Technology Talks Series

A Roundtable Technology Series

Moderated by Conor O’Neill
The live web series that puts technology into context by exploring the real-world applications and day-to-day challenges addressed by modern software.

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What to expect

Balancing technical knowledge with practical experience and the learnings that come with that can be a real challenge.

In this series, we’ll sit down with people who use proven tech every day to solve business and use-case issues, to find out what’s behind the choices they make and how they build solutions that work.

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Thursday, 6 May, 3pm UTC

The promise of DevOps

Matteo Collina & David Gonzalez
DevOps done well brings a range of benefits, from streamlined processes and faster deployment to better communication across teams — so why isn’t everyone doing it?
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  • DevOps

Thursday, 3 June, 3pm UTC

Accelerating software development

Katie Roberts & Simone Buscoli
A successful methodology for accelerated delivery must capitalise on earned expertise while allowing for iterative improvements, ongoing development and new learnings.
  • Software

Solving the frontend sprawl

Damian Beresford & Sergi Mansilla
Today’s average frontend is a collection of legacy technologies, siloed applications and loosely aligned teams — but the future frontend will be engineered differently.
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  • Frontend engineering

Doing SaaS development right

Dean McDonnell & Damien Simonin Feugas
As global enterprise increasingly takes an ‘as-a-service’ approach to products and operations, the ability to quickly and effectively develop in the cloud becomes vital.
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  • Software

Going serverless for the win

Mark Ireland & Piotr Zimoch
Developing serverless and cloud native applications has become a key strategy for enterprises, but achieving a well-architected, scalable solution remains a challenge.
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  • Serverless

Rethinking content management

Adrian Rossouw & Ken Ahlstrom
With traditional content management systems leaving a lot to be desired, forward-thinking enterprises are looking for scalable, secure solutions that prioritise performance.
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  • CMS | Headless CMS

The next 25 years of JavaScript

James Snell, Matteo Collina, Anna Henningsen & Eric Lewis

This special joint episode of Decoded and OpenHive.JS celebrates the 25-year anniversary of JavaScript by discussing what we can expect and hope for in the next 25 years.

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  • JavaScript

Deploying from day one

Dean McDonnell & Petr Kohut
Cloud applications are integral to many enterprise strategies, but what if the time and effort being poured into getting infrastructure right could go to feature development?
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  • Deployment | DevOps

Building accessible solutions

Jack Clark & Matt Obee

Ensuring the latest software apps and products are accessible by the people who need and want to use them sounds obvious, so why is accessibility often an end-of-project check rather than the priority it needs to be?

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  • Accessibility