NearForm is delighted to attend this year’s WorkerConf. Matteo Collina will give a talk entitled Streaming into the future and he is also teaming up with Tomas Della Vedova to give a workshop on Fastify. David Mark Clements’s talk will discuss how to speed up React SSR with ESX. If you are attending the conference, please stop by our booth to say hi to the team including Dean, who can talk to you about some of the interesting ways we are making use of React Native to build omni-channel solutions.

Workshop Day: 27th June

Take your monolith to microservices with Fastify.
Matteo Collina,  Tomas Della Vedova.

We all know the problems of migrating a monolith to a microservices architecture. Mixed logic, cross-dependencies and way too many edge cases to test. Wouldn’t it be great to have a framework that helps you build a modular, consistent and pluggable system? Enter Fastify, a new web framework for Node.js. Fastify offers an extremely flexible plugin system that allows complete customization of the framework. Every plugin could be packaged as an independent module and then deployed as a microservice or as a part of a monolith. In this workshop, we will discuss and then implement the key elements of an Enterprise Node.js application, such as tracing, logging, database connectors, testing and code reuse.

Conference Day, 28th June


Speeding Up React SSR with ESX.
David Mark Clements

React is a hugely popular front-end framework that revolutionized the front-end development world. React is built primarily for the browser, while Node has fundamentally different operational constraints to the browser. As a Principal Architect and Consultant it has become painfully clear that React’s Server-Side Rendering (SSR) is a performance bottleneck for web backends around the world. Introducing ESX, this talk presents and demonstrates a very simple solution that can be dropped into pre-existing React applications to significantly improve SSR throughput.

Watch David’s talk from React Amsterdam here. 

Conference Day, 28th June


Streaming into the future.
Matteo Collina

There was a time when Node.js streams were all the rage but over time the Node.js Core Streams codebase became extremely complex and hard to understand. Worse still, WHATWG introduced an API for browser Streams. The two Streams API’s are incompatible with each other and both are complex and leaky. In this talk, a Node.js Core Streams maintainer presents a stream-less future by demonstrating how to use pure JavaScript: Async Iterators and Generators can give us everything Streams can while being completely cross-platform and highly performant.

Watch Matteo’s talk from FullStack NYC here. 

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We are donating €5.00 for every attendee at WorkerConf to Kids Open Lab, a local organisation in Dornbirn.

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Kids Open Lab


Instead of giving you some swag that you’ll never use, NearForm will donate €5.00 on your behalf to Kids Open Lab, a local organisation in Dornbirn that works with kids from as young as 4 years to introduce them to the amazing world of technology, helping them to develop skills such as creativity, problem solving, critical-logical thinking,and building their self-confidence all in an open culture of play, innovation and experimentation! 

Introducing Clinic.js

Clinc.js is a suite of Node.js performance analysis tools that help you understand your code’s behaviour and get to the bottom of system performance issues. You can learn how easy it is to use Doctor, Bubbleprof and Flame on

We often get asked about our stickers so here’s the lowdown.

Pino – Pino is a low-overhead, newline-delimited-JSON logger with close compatibility to Bunyan.

OSIA – Open source is Art. It is an expression of creativity. As with art, open source has a community. We design, we create and contribute to protect and evolve our craft, node.js, so that it is sustainable for the future. 

Clinic.js – Clinc.js is a suite of Node.js performance analysis tools that help you understand your code’s behaviour and get to the bottom of system performance issues.

Fastify – Fastify is a web framework highly focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead and a powerful plugin architecture.

Join us at NodeConf EU | 7th-10th November 2019, Kilkenny, Ireland


This year we will welcome over 300 people from the international node community who gather to hear some of the most visionary contributors and innovators in node.js and, of course, to mark its 10th birthdayWe’d love to see you there! 

If you would like to give NodeConf EU your additional support, we are currently inviting sponsors. You’ll find our updated prospectus here including a new opportunity to sponsor our AWESOME IoT Badge

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