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Transforming the delivery of life-changing, AI-enabled medical technology

Building a scalable platform, a game-changing 
go-to-market mechanism and capability for a medical diagnostics company

850 million people worldwide suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD). Renalytix’s mission is to eradicate CKD. They’re the founder of the new field of bioprognosis for kidney health. Bioprognosis predicts which patients are at risk of rapid decline in kidney function leading to CKD. However, Renalytix lacked the capability to build a technology platform and team to accelerate them into the healthcare market and deliver a full bioprognosis service.

The opportunity to change the lives of millions

Renalytix’s use of ground-breaking AI to assess patient biomarker data creates a unique opportunity to identify and save those most likely to progress to CKD. This is potentially life-changing for millions of people and a massive cost-saver for healthcare providers. In the U.S. alone, treatment of CKD accounts for 20% of the Medicare budget or $120 billion per year. 

Renalytix faced serious challenges. Trying to integrate their software with the patient systems for each new hospital or healthcare provider was going to take years. Getting clean, validated data into the system was difficult and often relied on manual input from paper-based sources. Also, the initial software builds were monolithic, difficult to change, and each amendment was further slowed by the need to comply with FDA quality controls on ‘medical device’ software.  

Renalytix selected us as their partner for accomplishing the company’s life-changing mission.

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We worked closely with the client to build digital capabilities and accelerate time to market for new applications.

Quick understanding leads to rapid delivery

We quickly came up with an informed approach to create a smart and scalable platform, build capability and accelerate the new service into Renalytix’s target market. This was driven by some key focus points established during our discovery process:

  • Re-categorising Renalytix’s existing software so only the core data/AI diagnostic modules were designated as a ‘medical device’ under FDA rules. This reduces the time needed to make changes to much of the software.

  • Creating a cloud-based ‘portal’ to make the Renalytix application available to physicians in a clinical setting without the need to pre-integrate with existing clinical systems. This accelerates the time to market and brings a ‘try before you buy’ offering to their business model.

  • Optimising Renalytix’s data validation. The new cloud-based portal was also used as a way to quickly input and validate data. This solves the problem of slow and unreliable data input.

  • Transforming the culture in Renalytix from slow, ‘waterfall’ development to agile delivery of change. This is a game-changer, as new features can now be delivered in 2-weekly rather than 6-monthly cycles.  

Our impact

Delivering technology 
that extends service availability

We rapidly designed and built a user-centric cloud-based portal to make the Renalytix AI-driven service available to clinicians. This was rolled out to a range of healthcare centres. The results have driven new partnerships with healthcare providers and insurance providers, making Renalytix’s service available to over 10 million patients in the US alone.

Boosting standards and building capability

We have also empowered Renalytix with a full digital ecosystem including standards, technology stack and DevOps practices as well as helping to select and hire a Renalytix technology team to ensure the platform can provide sustainable impact and independence for Renalytix.

Enhancing Renalytix’s business model

The strategic decision to focus on a ‘portal’ approach also provides a game-changing go-to-market mechanism for Renalytix. This is because clinicians can now ‘try out’ the service on the portal before committing to a full integration of back-end patient systems.

Accelerating the adoption of life-changing tech

Renalytix has been granted ‘Breakthrough Device’ designation from the FDA which, along with over $90 million in funding, is accelerating the adoption of this life-changing new service. Renalytix is now listed on the NASDAQ and expanding the service through multiple partner providers.

90 million+

dollars in funding won by Renalytix

10 million+

patients can now access the platform


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