Changing lives by getting digital healthcare to emerging markets

Leveraging the power of Open Source to create excellent experiences at scale

Cardo Health, a digital health company, is on a mission to improve the well-being of millions of people in emerging markets who can’t access quality healthcare. It gives local companies across the globe the funding, knowledge and technology they need to get people the care they deserve.

A project with transformative potential

The client engaged with us to partner with them on their journey to define, design and deliver a best-in-class digital healthcare experience for their patients and doctors in emerging markets.
The company was founded by healthcare and technology leaders with decades of experience in global management consulting in healthcare and technology. Having a client with deep industry insight, engineering experience and vision provided us with a knowledgeable, exacting and ambitious partner — and the opportunity of a transformative project.

A solution built for scale

Healthcare provision is a complex and highly regulated sector with differing legal and compliance considerations, diverse digital infrastructures across healthcare practices and their patients, as well as wide variations in how the business of healthcare is structured across different markets.

Cardo needed a platform that would scale easily and reconfigure to different markets. The platform needed to do more than simply ‘test’ the market — it needed to sustain the business as it scaled each market and built its internal capacity.

A blended approach

We worked with Cardo and their local partner to establish the platform in the Mexican market. Guided by a high-level architecture defined early in the process, our One Team methodology enabled us to combine client expertise with Nearform’s technology, design and product experience — driving efficient workflows at scale, rapidly iterating design and integrating with our engineering teams.

Close up photo of person holding mobile phone showing Cardo Health user interface
By combining our expertise and the experience of the Cardo Health team, we were able to quickly iterate and integrate new designs.

Building digital capabilities

Cardo has established itself in the Mexican market and opened up access for patients who otherwise might not have access to health services. 

Over the course of the build, the collaboration has assisted the client in building up its own in-house digital capacity. The platform has proven to be a positive experience for developers and is attracting talent and giving the business confidence as it expands into new markets.

Graphic of three mobile phones screens side by side showing three different user interface designs for Cardo Health
Our solution resulted in clinicians reaching more patients, who were now empowered to track their symptoms.

Our impact

Grounded in research

Early discovery work on the Mexican market, and subsequent markets such as South Africa and Brazil, identified smart architectural patterns that could help to mitigate risks and dependencies of a multi-market rollout. Discovery also provided insights that identified the specific needs of female users and their impact on health outcomes.

An agile platform

Removing cross-cloud complexity also assisted us in optimising the project for speed-to-market, ensuring that the platform was not restricted as it entered different geographic markets. We also followed a loosely coupled architecture approach to the requirements and integrations needed for each market, ensuring that we facilitated ongoing change and scaling. 

Open Source EMR

We also developed an EMR (Electronic Medical Record), a central component of the system, by reconfiguring an Open Source EMR and building ancillary systems around it. While more challenging to configure, Open Source offered a more cost-effective and commercially sustainable solution for the client.

A holistic experience

Our final solution offered an integrated suite of apps that catered for the specific needs of patients, clinicians and practice managers, resulting in clinicians reaching more patients and empowering patients to track symptoms, share information with their physicians and make payments.

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