We answer digital challenges with unmatched talent, skill and experience.

Every NearForm project team includes the highest level of technical expertise and experience in solving complex digital and software issues in scalable, flexible and innovative ways.

We have always been fully remote, with digitally optimised processes and tools that enable us to work fast and deliver lasting results. This setup draws the best talent to NearForm — to our clients’ benefit.

The NearForm difference

Elevated Expectations for What’s Possible in Software Engineering


The NearForm team spans borders, technologies and skills, with each individual bringing to the table not just technical knowledge but the understanding and experience needed to apply it in reliable, innovative, sustainable ways. We are rooted in collaboration, creativity and problem-solving, and our ability to create solutions and platforms that exceed our clients’ expectations is a shared source of pride.


From advancing the overarching principles of sustainable development to making iterative improvements to the specific tools that power modern software, NearForm participates in shaping the digital life we are all living. We understand at a foundational level why and how a solution will work, today, tomorrow and years from now — and it is that expertise that enables us to deliver the right solution, every time.


Our interest in exploring and adapting new technologies and tools is balanced by our skills and experience in proven open source software and frameworks. We bring both perspectives to every project, relying on what we know will work, now and into the future, to ensure the success of everything we build. From JavaScript and Node.js to our own Accelerator stack, our deep technical capability defines what we do.


As a team, NearForm believe a solution is successful only if it fully addresses the needs of the client. That’s why we start every project the same way: by gaining a clear, actionable understanding of your wants and requirements. Only then can we create a development plan and begin designing and building a product. We work with a one-team mentality and agile methodology to quickly deliver solutions that work.

“The NearForm team is at the forefront of their field and have expertise in best practices and the latest effective technologies. Each team member was highly motivated and completely dedicated to a very challenging project, start to finish. NearForm proved to be so much more than a hired vendor — they lived and breathed as a natural extension of our own world-class engineering team.”

Christian Sanz, CEO and Founder, Skycatch
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