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Empowering through education

We believe that education is a fundamental human right, yet one not afforded to many. To date we have sought to support the education of those less fortunate, leveraging our tech expertise in doing so.

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Image credit: E-ducare

Fostering change through partnership

Since 2022, we have partnered with E-ducare, a volunteer-led charity whose mission is to provide education to vulnerable children. Nearformer Marta Spiga, who volunteers for the charity, first introduced us to E-ducare in 2022, and we’ve been proud supporters ever since.

Together with E-ducare, we helped fund a learning centre in Vietnam, donated refurbished laptops, and supported the creation of coding classes and an international children’s coding bootcamp.

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Far right is our Nearformer Marta Spiga who volunteers with the wider E-ducare team to educate vulnerable children.

Image credit: E-ducare

A shared set of values

We partnered with E-ducare because of their impressive work, and because they share our Nearform values – driving bold change, creating impact and empowering people with the tools, knowledge and skills to succeed.

The first step in our partnership was to sponsor the building of a community learning centre on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam where E-ducare has ongoing operations. The goal of the learning centre is to provide access to education for local vulnerable children, in line with our sustainability strategy objective to improve access to education. Fast forward two years, and the learning centre has taken shape, ready to welcome local students soon.

Laptops as gateways to learning

We believe in the importance of tools when it comes to learning, and have an ongoing donation programme to provide refurbished laptops to E-ducare. These laptops aren't just devices; they are gateways to education and connection, breaking down barriers for children in the Hanoi learning centre as well as those in an E-ducare-backed orphanage in Tanzania.

Coding classes for every child

Inspired by the belief that knowledge knows no borders, Nearform has worked with E-ducare to deliver coding classes on our donated laptops. In 2023, eight Nearform developers generously dedicated their personal time to prepare and conduct classes to over 20 students, teaching HTML and Scratch to children in programmes supported by E-ducare. These developers played a pivotal role in developing a robust syllabus which laid the groundwork for a larger initiative, the International Kids Coding Bootcamp.

“The children's engagement with the lessons was truly heartwarming. The most satisfying part was witnessing the webpages the children created during the lessons. I hope they've been inspired to continue developing these skills.”
Dimple Patel Nearform Volunteer at E-ducare
“It was a fantastic experience! I wasn't sure how engaged the children would be,
but they were excellent. They displayed genuine interest in what we were doing and were eager to follow along.”
Jeremy Sharp Nearform Volunteer at E-ducare
“The session was well-planned and thought out, with exceptional support from the volunteer team. My personal takeaway? Regardless of one's location, the need for learning is ever-present. I sincerely hope that more sessions like this can take place everywhere.”
Luis Faustino Nearform Volunteer at E-ducare

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We’re constantly evaluating new ways to build on our sustainability initiatives, striving to create a future where business is a force for good that drives positive impact for our people, our communities and our planet. Come join the team, and build a great career while you do.

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