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Innersource is the approach of using open source practices within proprietary organisations to take advantage of the open collaborative way of building software. Adopting InnerSource can revolutionise a company’s development strategies to become a true modern technology organisation. Many of the world’s most innovative companies like PayPal, Nike, Bosch and Microsoft have been embracing InnerSource for years.

Why InnerSource Matters

By applying the principles of open source within an organisation, InnerSource helps teams work better together, reduce bottlenecks and build a much more collaborative, effective and efficient delivery model.
It has been gaining momentum in the last number of years thanks to the wide range of reported benefits:

  • Increased developer collaboration across silos
  • Better code quality
  • More code re-use
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Higher developer satisfaction
  • Improved talent acquisition and retention

How do I get on the InnerSource Journey?

Transformation is about learning to adapt, adjust and meet demands. In order to succeed with InnerSource, companies need to first recognise the problem and be willing to take risks. InnerSource is about infiltrating the core culture and proving the value of transparent peer-based co-development models.

We encourage clients to start small, treat it like an experiment. Once you’ve demonstrated how to solve big problems on a small scale, you can broaden it to the wider organisation.

We have been using InnerSource for some time and have first-hand experience of how it increases quality and speed of our software development and delivery. It was great to engage with Danese and NearForm to learn about how others have overcome common blockers on their InnerSource journey.
Fergal Gunn, Snr Manager Global Services, Application development, Dell EMC
At WorldVision we are focused on increasing our digital capabilities and capacity to help deliver our strategy and long-term vision. We are exploring InnerSource as a way to increase collaboration between our development teams. Engaging with Danese and NearForm on InnerSource helped us map our options and prioritise next steps on our journey.
Martin Campbell, CIO, Worldvision
Starting on the InnerSource journey enables a business to think differently about how people within the technology organization engage with other parts of the business. It educates them on the real benefits of collaboration.
James Mcleod, Director Of Community, Finos

New to InnerSource? We can help

If InnerSource is new to you, you’re not sure what ‘great collaboration’ looks like and you need practical help in setting up ‘rules of engagement’ or embarking on a pilot, we can help you get there. Some of the areas we can work with you on:

Cultural Inventory

Questionnaire, interviews, workshops.

Project Guidance

Training, establishing procedures, mentoring.

Project Assessment

Evaluation, team structures, documentation.


Awareness, discovery, pilot, repeat.

Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource at Lloyds Banking Group

Danese Cooper chats with James McLeod, Director of Community at FINOS, about his journey to InnerSource at Lloyds Banking Group, the common misconceptions of InnerSource, overcoming challenges and reaping the true benefits of a more collaborative organisation.

Spencer Danese Podcast

Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource at American Airlines.

At American Airlines, where there are approximately 3,500 people working in IT, the company recognised that there were growing silos of communication and a need for greater collaboration across teams. In this podcast, Danese Cooper talks to Spencer Kaiser, Principal Architect for Emerging Tech, about how the company embarked on their journey to InnerSource including the critical importance of ‘discoverability’. Hear how to build trust, gain support, recruit champions and drive engagement.

Microsoft InnerSource Podcast

Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource at Microsoft

Danese Cooper chats with Martin Woodward, Director of Developer Relations for Github, about Microsoft’s journey from fully embracing open source in the 2010s to now adopting InnerSource as a way of continuous innovation. Martin talks about the importance of welcoming ‘contributors of time’, striking a balance between rewarding people and acknowledging collaborative efforts and how securing a bottom-up, top-down approach is vital. He stresses the importance of celebrating the small 1% successes, reassessing your top pains on an ongoing basis and, as a leader, asking new questions regularly for incremental step changes.

Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource at Comcast

Nithya Ruff, Head of Open Source Office and Board Director at Comcast chats with Danese Cooper and shares her experience of driving InnerSource from an initial way of staging open source projects to a fully-fledged model that has modified the organization’s software strategy.

Nithya gives us a glimpse into the evolution of the company culture at Comcast from a traditional autonomous one to now a more collaborative one experiencing improved documentation of practices, better utilization of resources and welcomed mentoring across the company. We’ll also hear how they developed a significant education communications program to scale InnerSource across the organization.

Get Your Complimentary Book: Adopting InnerSource

In Danese Cooper’s book Adopting InnerSource she discusses how the application of open source principles and practices to create in-house software is taking off in the corporate world. With this practical book, you’ll explore case studies from Bell Labs, PayPal, Ericsson, Nike, Bosch, and Europace that demonstrate why and how InnerSource can work in your organisation.

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