Reduce time to market with automated testing

Well conceived and appropriately applied automated tests are important for finding issues in logic, design, integration and other aspects of applications.

We understand the importance of proper automated testing and help teams implement rigorous testing protocols to ensure applications perform as expected before launch and as new features are added in the future.

Reliable automated testing tools and protocols

We use a variety of programs to conduct automated tests on our software projects depending on the scenarios we are testing against.

This helps with discovering bugs and improving code quality while decreasing time to market.

As we build solutions with client teams we help them understand how to use automated testing tools to test future innovations in order to find bugs before code is released to the production environment.

In a cloud native environment automated testing is a vital component of CI/CD as numerous updates may be released daily.

Being able to catch issues before releasing to production can save time and money dealing with frustrated users or developers trying to find out where the problem lies and fix it under duress.

We help companies prepare for the future with an experienced global team and a history of delivering large scale solutions.

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies, methodologies and processes to help organizations transform.


Jest is an open source framework for testing the functionality of JavaScript codebases.


Selenium is a collection of web APIs that ensures cross-platform and uniformity in application performance.


BrowserStack is a tool for ensuring cross-browser and cross-platform consistency in applications.


SauceLabs is a cloud based cross-browser and cross-platform automated testing tool easily implemented into CI/CD environments.

NearForm’s enterprise software development approach

Our Front-end development engineers and Node.js experts can guide you with best practices for building maintainable, scalable, high-performance modern web applications. This includes Node.js Certification from the OpenJS Foundation and ongoing code-reviews and remote webinars.
Many of our engagements begin with a request for help on an existing problematic application. We have assisted some of the world’s biggest brands in rescuing and hugely improving apps that may have accumulated much technical debt or suffered from architectural mistakes early on.
As more and more organisations move from legacy stacks to JavaScript, they reach out to us for guidance on how best to achieve that. Whether it’s moving from .NET or Java to Node.js or just migrating to newer front-end frameworks like React, we can ensure you avoid many common pitfalls.
For organisations creating new fullstack JavaScript applications or all new front-ends on existing applications, NearForm’s expertise can be invaluable. From consulting, to workshops, to embedded capability building to full solutions, we have the skills to enable you to deliver quickly.
Our accelerators are a suite of starter applications and configurations which mean that you can do a week 1 demo of your project to your stakeholders. They take all of the knowledge of 150+ application builds and turn them into code and deployments.
Every partnership starts with a conversation.

Consultancy, capability or your next project, we’re happy to chat. Talk to one of our experts.