DevOps is a Mindset

We help enterprises deliver modern software applications faster and more securely using DevOps/DevSecOps practices. DevOps is more than a set of automation tools and agile processes: it’s a mindset and culture. Alignment and synergy between your Development, Operations and InfoSec (security) teams throughout the lifecycle of product development to delivery reduces stress, increases confidence, and helps to optimise your delivery pipelines. Our experienced DevOps specialists will help you with strategy and implementation to advance your DevOps journey.

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DevOps AID:

Whether your business has no DevOps functionality, or you have DevOps but its not working as it should, or you want to take your existing DevOps team’s performance to the next level the end-game is the same – develop and deliver software applications quickly, increase end-user satisfaction, have the flexibility to keep up with business demands.

We’ll help you release applications more quickly, reliably and securely using our tried and trusted approach to delivering software projects at scale. At each stage we’ll tune processes, leverage technology and build in security to get you to a CI/CD pipeline your teams are confident in.


Through our initial engagement process, we’ll

  • map out your software delivery landscape and processes
  • identify your pain points
  • assess the way you work
  • identify the skillsets you need

Our discovery workshops allow us to work with you to explore possible solutions together with your team.  Workshops take from one day to one week depending on your requirements. At the end of the Assess process we’ll provide you with a reference software delivery architecture and a detailed delivery plan

Following the output of this critical DevOps Assess phase you can choose to further engage with our specialists and move to DevOps Implement.


We take the Detailed Delivery Plan from DevOps Assess, embed our DevOps specialists in your team and execute the strategy to bring you safely to CI/CD pipeline.

We guide your team through tool selection, architecture decisions and how to implement.  We’ll enable your on-premise systems to work in CI/CD mode,  to move to the cloud and we’ll show you how to apply agile DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies to ensure that the requirements match the expectations.

Our process includes checkpoints and weekly demonstrations of progress with feedback brought into the process at each checkpoint.  Our highly skilled specialists collaborate with your team in a co-sourcing model where your team remains in control of the artifacts and processes at any time, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in.


After successful implementation we can transition to an advisory role.  You may wish to call on our expertise to oversee or advise if you are embarking on a

  • major change in production
  • introduction of new technology

Our senior experts are able to review new developments in secure DevOps and proactively advise on ways to improve processes, adopt different tools, or implement new technology to further support your DevOps journey.  This engagement can be flexible in duration and involvement.

Pivotal points

We’re working with our customers on…

  • Docker and Kubernetes: deployment of container-based applications in Kubernetes is easy with our experience and expertise.
  • Infrastructure as a Code: codifying infrastructure guarantees repeatability and allows for easy records keeping.
  • Secure DevOps: We shift security to ‘the left’, automating where possible and de-risking delivery.
  • Metrics & Monitoring: Best practice and best tools measure and optimise performance.

On-premise or moving to the cloud?

Whether you go all-in on the cloud or need a hybrid setup, we provide thought leadership for striking the best balance between leveraging the flexibility of cloud services and the compliance requirements for on-premise computing.

We help teams get applications ready for cloud deployment by implementing elegant ways to facilitate a smooth integration. Migrate to the cloud with NearForm guidance and support during planning and execution.

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