What is DevOps?

Enterprises are struggling to keep pace with the rapidly changing software systems and landscape in the era of the cloud. The increased complexity of containerized microservices applications and business demands for ever more rapid deployment have shifted old problems to a new place. DevOps addresses the many challenges of this new and dynamic architecture with proper process definition and reliable results. Technical challenges must be overcome while maintaining confidence and security. NearForm apply a holistic approach to quickly realise the attainable goals.

AID: Securing your DevOps Practices

Now NearForm has the answer. Our DevOps service consists of a three-phased approach – Assess, Implement, Direct – AID. Each phase offers a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities that will help demystify secure DevOps for software projects across the globe.

You can now be confident in releasing applications more quickly, reliably and securely using the best processes, tools and pipelines in the industry.

Skills & Expertise at your Disposal
Agile DevOps

Our consulting team is all about increasing developer velocity by reducing friction, without sacrificing security. DevOps facilitates rapid iteration while maintaining production parity. We have the knowledge and experience to help you seamlessly integrate secure building blocks in your automation pipelines.

Adopting The Cloud

We help teams get applications ready for cloud deployment by implementing elegant ways to facilitate a smooth integration. Migrating to the cloud with NearForm guidance and support during planning and execution.

Docker & Kubernetes

Deployment of container-based applications in kubernetes with the help of NearForm consultants becomes a walk in the park. Our cutting-edge expertise and vast experience will smooth out any bumps in the road to k8s.

Automating Protection

NearForm empower teams with the ability and assistance required to add security into their automation pipelines, securing infrastructure and applications, not only during delivery but also at runtime.

Infrastructure as Code

Codifying infrastructure guarantees repeatability and allows for easy records keeping. Being a versionable resource, the code allows for easy peer review and thereby reducing errors.

Hybrid Cloud & On-premise

Whether you go all in on the cloud or need a hybrid setup, we provide thought leadership for striking the best balance between leveraging the flexibility of Cloud services and the compliance requirements for On-Premise computing.

Metrics & Monitoring

Our team can hone in on bottlenecks within your infrastructure and identify solutions for optimizing performance. We have vast experience providing visibility by using best of breed tools and practices for logging and monitoring.


Serverless has been a game changer for certain types of applications (mainly event-driven architectures), enabling developers to deliver at incredible speed and with huge cost efficiencies. We can help you usher in this new era of Serverless and DevOps, with a paramount focus on performance and security.

Secure DevOps

Architecting DevOps processes and systems with a focus on security accelerates software delivery even further. By shifting security to “the left” and automating every security measure possible reduces surprises and frustration along every step of the process.