Developing cloud applications is now a core strategy for many organisations. But very often, much of the time and effort is spent on getting the cloud infrastructure elements right, rather than on feature development.

Ensuring your application is cost efficient and performant in the cloud can mean that a lot of time is spent understanding the underlying services and configuring those for your application. Each new project can waste time creating new environments from scratch.

Best practice Infrastructure as Code

Kubernetes & Managed Services

Continuous Integration & Deployment built in

Taurus is a development and deployment stack for cloud applications that encapsulates best practice and supports rapid innovation.

Developers without deep cloud skills can struggle to understand and exploit cloud services which increases delay and ongoing costs. Momentum can be lost with poor integration of development and deployment environments and processes.

Above all, the potential of the cloud to be a rapid innovation platform can be severely reduced.

Using Taurus across the organisation drives consistency while accelerating project set-up and deployment. Even unskilled cloud developers can rapidly get from project kick-off to feature development without understanding all of the underlying cloud services.

Taurus provides excellent developer experience throughout projects and allows rapid on-boarding of new developers.

Complete development and deployment stack with rich documentation that can be updated as you customise


Create a consistent cloud architecture to reduce proliferation of technologies and approaches

Ensure cloud best practice, even for developers without strong cloud experience

Detailed documentation which can be updated as you customise

Taurus is an opinionated project structure that drastically reduces time spent deciding on, configuring and testing your cloud environment. It supports AWS, GCP and Azure and has cloud specific versions to maximise benefits for each cloud.

It is an ‘out-of-the-box’ development ecosystem that includes a single CI pipeline to build and deliver code across your accounts.

Development and Production environments are at parity, giving predictable results at deployment.


Get to feature development really quickly with minimal project set-up

On-board developers quickly, even those with minimal cloud specific knowledge

Speed up deployment with integrated CI pipeline and environment parity

Business benefits

By ensuring both reduced time to market and best practice, Taurus generates a range of important business benefits for any organisation that uses it.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

  • Get to feature development rapidly with minimal environment set-up effort
  • New applications can re-use previously developed building blocks
  • Reduced deployment delay with CI built-in

Resource Productivity

  • TAURUS reduces the cloud specific knowledge required to start producing applications

  • An excellent developer experience across TAURUS minimises friction

  • New developer on-boarding is minimised

Quality of delivery

  • TAURUS uses best practice tools and workflows, putting your team on the right track from day one.

  • Rich documentation provided and is customisable