Polaris Accelerator

Start fast, build smart, deliver more

In 2021, mobile still presents massive challenges to business to meet their consumers expectations and fulfil their needs in a medium that is on their terms.

Delivering experiences consumers expect on native iOS, Android and web requires massive investment, resources and time to deliver.

Consumers’ expectations and demands continue to grow while technology evolves at pace. This creates a constant need and challenge that traditional approaches within business struggle to meet.

Leading edge mobile technology stack

Single code base for web, iOS, Android

Security and reliability out of the box

Polaris Accelerator

The world is mobile

To address this set of challenges we have developed, iterated and tested a combination of the best of open source tools and technologies, proven best practices and opinionated workflows to produce Polaris.

Polaris allows you to develop and deliver at high speed to your consumers with significantly less costs and time.

Without the overheads of dedicated teams and independent development schedules Polaris allows you to unify, into a single cross platform team, a capability that iterates and delivers faster to market.

Complete stack, tools and workflows with expert support and rich documentation


Unify your team, your workflow, and your codebase around one project.

Maintain product parity across platforms from concept to delivery to market.

Deliver the same user experience across web, iOS and Android.

The NearForm Polaris accelerator enables fast delivery to mobile and web platforms by a single team from a single codebase. It uses the best open source tools and fine tuned workflows to support collaborative development and secure, tested deployment.

Implementing multi platform solutions involves far more than code. The decisions made on frameworks, tools and processes also impact team productivity, time-to-market and cost of maintenance.


Easy to onboard developers with tested workflows and documentation

Rapid feature development

Leverage skills that are already present through the popularity of React

Business benefits

Working with large enterprise customers around the world has shaped Polaris: a complete blueprint for multi platform solution delivery that lets you get started quicker, build smarter and deliver more. Polaris is provided with versioned components and direct world-wide support from our expert team.

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • One development team instead of three

  • Leverage pre-configured industry best practices from development to deployment
  • Reduced complexity and technical debt


  • Industry standard best practices authentication, authorisation and data encryption
  • Pre-integrated authentication through FaceID/TouchID


  • Faster teams iterate to more success to delight consumers
  • Banish inconsistency in approach and outcomes with a unified team
  • Boost morale in your workforce through increased velocity
IBM Open Banking

Open Banking

Reference Application


Open Banking mobile app development.

Multi-platform app enabling secure monetary transfers

As part of IBM’s commitment to enable innovation, which is built on the foundation of secure and scalable platforms, IBM is continually engaging with startups, technologists and innovators to explore the ‘art of the possible’ for open banking.

Use case

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