Traditional CMSs (Content Management Systems) are general systems and not optimised for any particular use case.

Editors can be difficult to use and the resulting websites are not always optimised for performance or security.

For many enterprises, their key concerns are about securely sharing content with audiences in a performant and scalable way. Separation of content or ‘gated’ content is also a key security requirement.

Content as a service

GraphQL, Gatsby, Hasura, Serverless

Easy integration, powerful feature set


In addition, many organisations want to be able to customise the creation process around their own users and content for the best experience and efficiency. There are limited options to do this with a traditional CMS.

Orion is an opinionated architecture for producing statically generated sites.

It allows for gated content and is highly secure and reliable. Orion’s integrated editor allows full customisation of editing and workflow around content and teams.

Built for performance from the ground up, Orion uses leading edge tools to provide the very best possible load times for all assets. Using a serverless deployment, Orion is massively scalable to millions of users.

An opinionated architecture for statically generated sites. Highly performant, scalable and secure.


Static HTML is the safest of all sites.

Orion supports gated content with access control. View, edit and admin bundles can be hosted separately and securely.

Serverless deployment virtually eliminates risk of site ‘going down’.

With Orion, organisations can quickly make very large sets of data available through static pages in a secure, performant and scalable way.

Orion is based on Gatsby.js and includes project structure, preconfigured pipeline, developer tooling and sample applications.

The WYSIWYG editor and workflows can be customised to suit the organisations content and teams/processes.


Quick time to market with project structure, delivery pipeline, tooling and sample applications included

All assets optimised for load time. Static Site Generators provide best load times overall.

Serverless deployment requires only cloud storage and a CDN to provide high performance regardless of location.

Hazura with GraphQL is blazingly fast and auto-scalable.

Business benefits

By ensuring both reduced time to market and setting best practice, Orion generates a range of important business benefits for any organisation that uses it.

Time to market

  • A comprehensive architecture and tools supports rapid development and allows teams to focus on business benefits earlier
  • A preconfigured CI pipeline reduces delays between development and deployment

  • Customising editing and workflows creates optimal efficiency for the specific content, team and jobs to be done

Risk reduction

  • Gated content and functions allow for optimal security to suit any organisation
  • Static page approach creates a highly reliable deployment compared to standard CMS implementations

Reduced costs

  • Accelerated development and deployment reduces costs
  • Skill sets required to use Orion are popular open source skills and not expensive to hire and keep

  • Serverless architecture makes efficient use of cloud cost optimisation tools