Developing serverless and cloud native applications is now a strategy for many enterprises. But ensuring best practice in a well-architected solution can be time consuming and require deep knowledge of cloud infrastructure.

Often, simply getting the cloud native environment correct can mean a lot of project time consumed before getting to develop business features.

Scarce and expensive resources like cloud architects are required to set up environments and the need to align development and production environments can also take time.

Best practice Infrastructure as Code

Extensible AWS Native development Accelerator

Rapid serverless development

Mira is an opinionated AWS Native project foundation, aligned with AWS Well-Architected Framework principles.

Often this work is a repeat of similar tasks that have been done before for other projects.

It is fuelled by the AWS Cloud Development Kit and provides ready to use CLI, preconfigured delivery pipeline, developer tooling and sample applications.

Using Mira, developers can focus on implementing business logic with confidence that the underlying services are configured correctly for scalability, cost efficiency.

An out-of-the-box development ecosystem with a single CI pipeline for building and delivering code


The state-of-the-art codebase for AWS native serverless is secure, testable and extensible

All infrastructure is created by code and validated before creation

Detailed documentation which can be updated as you customise

Development and Production environments are at parity, giving predictable results at deployment.

Developer experience is excellent and strong documentation and a testing toolkit are included.

Node.js and Typescript engineers can get started immediately, building their knowledge of CDK and AWS serverless as they go.


Get to feature development really quickly with quicker environment set-up

On-board developers quickly, even those with minimal cloud specific knowledge

Speed up deployment with an integrated CI pipeline and environment parity

Business benefits

By ensuring both reduced time to market and best practice, Mira generates a range of important business benefits for any organisation that uses it.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

  • Spend precious time on feature development, rather than on environment set-up
  • Reuse previously developed building blocks for new applications
  • Streamline testing and deployment

Resource Productivity

  • Mira reduces the cloud specific knowledge required to start producing applications
  • An excellent developer experience across Mira enhances productivity

  • New developer on-boarding is frictionless

Reduced costs

  • Greatly reduces effort needed for cloud architects and dedicated Devops resources
  • Uses well-architected services with built-in cost optimisation
  • Overall projects are accelerated reducing development costs