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The Practical Guide to Open Source for E-Commerce

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“Global e-commerce isn’t a choice—it’s a necessity.”
– Shopify

The global e-commerce market is predicted to reach $5.55 trillion in 2022.

Meanwhile, consumer habits are changing, software development practices have evolved, and microservices are enabling greater agility—prompting many retailers to rethink their e-commerce strategies.

“If it’s not fast, it’s broken.”
– Shopify

The monolithic systems of the past are no longer fit for purpose.

Complex legacy architecture challenges surrounding speed, customer experience and agility are driving a growing number of retailers towards open source software to build fast, reusable and extensible e-commerce platforms, enabling them to compete in the digital world.

Open source isn’t a silver bullet, either.

While open source software presents significant opportunities for businesses, it isn’t a silver bullet either.

This approach to software development requires organisations to effectively prioritise and also compromise to succeed.

Making open source work for your business

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