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Diagnose and Fix Node.js
Performance Issues

Introducing Clinic.js

Are you looking to optimise your application performance? Are bottlenecks crippling your delivery? We can help

Diagnosing and pinpointing Node.js performance issues is one of the first steps in addressing slow code and speeding up your Node.js applications.

If you haven’t uncovered the benefits of Clinic.js before, we’d love to show you what you’re missing.  Clinic.js has a revolutionary approach by highlighting issues and making them more approachable.  And it’s open source and available to anyone who strives for superior performance.

  • Doctor – Diagnose performance issues, assess health and heuristics, generate recommendations.
  • Bubbleprof – Track aggregate asynchronous latency between operations.
  • Flame – Uncover bottlenecks and hot paths in the code.
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Clinic.js can pinpoint performance bottlenecks

We’ve been solving major performance problems for large enterprises for years, from Conde Nast and News UK to Protocol Labs and Moody’s using Node.js as a key implementation technology. We work with developers, architects and organisations like yours to uncover your bottlenecks and provide recommendations on how to solve them with the right tech stack to power your needs.

From the early days of Node.js contributions through to our leadership in Fastify, HTTP2, Pino, Clinic.js and React ESX, we have built upon our expertise and our sheer focus to radically improve performance across the entire enterprise system architecture from top to bottom. We help organisations achieve superior performance in not just applications and servers but in their processes, people and workflows too.

If you have an immediate need to address performance issues in your Node.js applications, take a look at Clinic.js and what it can do to help.

Uncover what Clinic.js
can do for you.

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Maintaining high security without sacrificing performance in deployments of up to 40,000 users was the key requirement for the new system. Together with NearForm, we came through with a powerful system, we met our deadlines and delivered a superior end product.
Joe Gerard, VP Sales & Marketing, I-sight
NearForm has an extremely strong competency in Node.js , and that was a big selling point for Condé Nast International. Node.js was ideal for this engagement: whether you’re looking at the front-end or the back-end engineering, it gives you increased flexibility.
David Thorpe, Engineering Manage, Condé Nast International

Technologies, Tools and Accelerators at NearForm

Technologies for Faster, More Efficient Solution Delivery

We have created and contributed to many underlying technologies used by Architects today to deliver the ultimate in high performance solutions with low overhead.

  • Node.js – NearForm are the largest contributors globally including Node.js v12
  • Fastify –  fastest Node.js web framework, written by Matteo Collina and sponsored by NearForm
  • Http2 – NearForm led the development on Node.js
  • Node-Cephes – NearForm ported the Cephes Maths library to Node.js using WASM

Technologies for Higher Performing Software Solutions

We have created and contributed to many underlying technologies that have improved the production performance of enterprise solutions..

  • gRPC for Fastify – High performance RPC on Node.js
  • MQTT.js – All the major Cloud vendors’ Node.js SDKs are built on this
  • Mosca – The leading Node.js MQTT broker
  • Worker Threads – NearForm funded the development on Node.js
  • React ESX: SSR booster – 20x-40x improvement in throughput of SSR Node.js servers (
  • GraphQL booster – Major performance gains over Apollo

Tools for Improved Production Performance Diagnostics

We have created and contributed to a number of tools that enable closer monitoring and diagnosis of potential performance issues

  • Clinic.js – Revolutionary Tensorflow.js-powered performance tools for Node.js. Includes:
    • Clinic.js Doctor for initial diagnosis
    • Clinic.js Bubbleprof for Async issues
    • Clinic.js Flame for hotspot analysis
  • Pino – The fastest Node.js logger

Accelerators for More Rapid Solution Build

We have created a number of accelerators….

  • TITUS – Progressive Web App accelerators for developer productivity
  • TAURUS – NearForm Opinionated Infrastructure Stack for Enterprise based on Kubernetes and Microservices for DevOps productivity
  • ORION – NearForm’s high performance JAMstack Headless CMS implementation
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