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Our company exists because of the opportunities presented by amazing Open Source projects. They give us the largest R&D department on the planet. This is why we support so many contributions back to these projects.

For you, in addition to the obvious cost benefits, you get faster features and bug-fixes, you avoid vendor lock-in and you don’t get hit with surprises hidden in closed-source or semi-open-source products. But Open Source also enables you to start your own internal Open Sourcing and to contribute back to the projects from which you derive so much value.

Open Source software represents a new era of human intellectual capital, the like of which has never before been seen. It is an instantly-available globally-shared public good, without bias or boundaries of any kind. The philosophy behind the Open Source movement supersedes language, economic, religious, political and cultural barriers, enabling people to communicate and share ideas in a way in which was impossible using traditional means.

Cian O'Maidin

Cian O'Maidin



nearForm is one of the most active Node.js Core contributors

We work to help move our community forward


Projects created by nearFormers or contributed to by nearFormers

nearForm is one of the most active Node Core committers
Pino is the world's fastest Node.js logger
UpRing provides application-level sharding, based on node.js streams
0x does flamegraph profiling for Node.js processes
Mosca is a Node.js MQTT broker
Udaru is a policy based authorization module
Hapi is a rich framework for building applications and services in Node.js
React Native which was created by Facebook to build mobile apps with React
Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js
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