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Kent Dodds on JavaScript training

For this episode of OpenHive.JS, we welcome Kent C. Dodds, software engineer, open-source developer and passionate educator for people working in JavaScript, Node.js and more. The discussions centre around writing quality code to make the world a better place, React,, Frontend Masters, Testing Javascript, Epic React, scaling workshops, purchasing power parity, Testing Library, Babel, and building an open-source community.


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The podcast for all things JavaScript

The OpenHive.js JavaScript podcast brings key contributors and open source leaders together with hosts James Snell and Matteo Collina for insightful discussions about new developments, challenges and perspectives in JS technology.

Past topics include an in-depth look at Temporal, the sustainability of open source, the challenges of maintaining open source projects, modern web APIs, the developer experience, the challenges of developing Ireland’s COVID Tracker App, the importance of documentation, using Node.js to control VOIP communication, data visualisation and decentralised databases, among other things.

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OpenHive.js Episode 12 Liz Parody profile

Liz Parody on building communities

This episode of OpenHive.JS was recorded across four continents, with people in Italy, Colombia, California and Dubai — a fitting setup for a conversation focused on building and strengthening global communities and connections. The discussions centre around building successful developer communities, creating impact, the importance of accessibility and diversity, gender equality in tech, p5.js library, NodeConf Columbia, JSconf Columbia, MedillinJS, Pioneras Developers, Nodesource, Covid Green, and Fastify.

OpenHive.JS podcast: the next 25 years of JavaScript

The next 25 years of JavaScript

In this special joint episode of OpenHive.JS and Decoded, the roundtable tech series from NearForm, Matteo welcomes Conor O’Neill, Anna Henningsen and Eric Lewis to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of JavaScript by discussing what we can expect and hope for in the next 25 years. The discussions centre around how JavaScript has matured over the last 25 years, anticipations for future JavaScript evolution, Node.js, Deno, React, React Native, TypeScript, Electron, class operators, npm, software reuse, Espruino, SWC, worker-threads, Babel, Rome, Hermes, Swift, the Mozilla Foundation, WASM, CodeSandbox, CodeSpaces for github and Snowpack.

OpenHive.js Mikael Rodgers on the open source model

Mikeal Rogers on the open source model

For the tenth episode of OpenHive.JS, we pick up right where we left off in conversation with Mikeal Rogers, IPLD Lead at Protocol Labs, NodeConf creator and JavaScript thought leader. If you haven’t listened to episode 9, you may want to start there. The discussions centre around the open source model, attracting talent to open source projects, bottlenecks, handling transactional integrity of applications, ESM transition, modern web development, the future of web development, packages as a data structure, performance optimisations and hash linked data structures.

Connect with Mikeal

github: /mikeal
twitter: @mikeal

Protocol Labs – open-source R&D lab

OpenHive.js Mikeal Rodgers discuses decentralized databases

Mikeal Rogers on decentralised databases

For the ninth episode of OpenHive.JS, we sit down for a detailed, insightful and entertaining conversation with Mikeal Rogers, IPLD Lead at Protocol Labs, creator of NodeConf and longtime friend of NearForm. The discussions centre around decentralised databases, the importance of good data, encryption, serverless, life after the Node.js Foundation, p2p databases and data structures, CouchDB, PouchDB, Merkle trees, content addressing, hashing, parsing data, DagDB, self-describing data structures, libp2p and privacy in p2p databases.

Anthony Aragues discusses data visualisation on OpenHive.js

Anthony Aragues on data visualisation

In this episode of OpenHive.JS, we welcome Anthony Aragues, author of Visualising Streaming Data, to discuss the value of data visualisation within the context of modern technology and innovation. The discussions centre around the art of making data intuitive, data visualisation, tools and libraries used to make data useful, performance vs. usability, React, Create React App, AntD, AntV, AntV G6, AlaSQL, Papa Parse, MongoDB, Redis, MQTT, websockets, dashboards, data analysis, distributed tracing, and getting started with data visualisation.