Open Source

Open source solutions that accelerate business impact.

Open Source Community

We have deep roots in the open source community. It is our belief that open source technology has a key role to play in the transformation of the world we live in from one of in-person and manual processes, to one of digital services and convenience, improving people’s lives and allowing them to spend more time on the things that count.

The Web Platform

The genesis of NearForm was a vision that web technology and programming languages would enable us as technologists to solve real world problems in the quickest manner possible. This was true when we founded the company in 2012 – and remains still true today.

NearForm also organise NodeConfEU, the key Node.js event in Europe for the Node.js Community.

Cian Ó Maidín wearing glasses and blue hoodie with the sleeves rolled up.
Cian Ó Maidín

President, NearForm

Contributions and Community

As NearForm has grown as a company – we have scaled our contributions to the web open source platform, and at this point in time we are the single biggest contributor to the Node.js Runtime, we also contribute to React Native, and we are prolific contributors to the module ecosystem.

Accelerating Transformation

At NearForm we have over 250 enterprise customers, and as a part of our process we capture best practices and develop tools and technology accelerators continuously.

These accelerators are the codification of best practices, we use them on each and every one of our projects, and they provide NearForm with the ability to get to feature delivery in the first number of days into a project. For our customer they provide them with a reusable technology base for future projects.

Frontend Engineering

We are major proponents of the new area of frontend engineering – as a part of everything we do we aim to set the industry up with best practices around frontend engineering, reducing costs and enabling a faster pace of innovation by taking a unified approach to frontend engineering.

See our approach to accelerated delivery.

Open Source Projects

Node.js is the open source software environment that we specialise in and NearForm is one of the most prolific Node.js Core contributors.

We leverage the great potential that the Node.js environment has for application development, sponsoring frameworks and libraries and directly developing many projects ourselves.

One of our latest projects is Clinic.js – a suite of diagnostic tools designed to help developers and architects identify and solve Node.js performance issues. Free to install, we continue to develop great tools in this suite such as Clinic.js Doctor, Clinic.js Flame, Clinic.js Bubbleprof and Clinic.js Upload.