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(Re)introducing Nearform, with the launch of our new brand

Nearform has unveiled a new brand identity and message to reflect its commitment to empowering ambitious enterprises in their digital progress

We see the opportunities for our clients to go further

Nearform partners with global enterprises and startups across all sectors to unite people, process and technology to deliver intelligent, resilient solutions and digital platforms. Beyond the digital, our experts build enhanced team capabilities that equip organisations to face the future with confidence.

We see the opportunities for our clients to deliver more for their customers, increase their operational efficiency and control their costs. We’re trusted by Aer Lingus, Walmart, VirginMedia 02 and many other global brands to align technical decisions with business strategy to make high-impact decisions that transform the path ahead.

We deliver seismic impact

From cutting go-to-market time for new apps by 30-40% for TELUS Digital, to enabling PUMA to reduce content and configuration changes from 24 hours to 5 minutes, Nearform cares about delivering real impact for our clients. And we love what we do.

Our client offering reflects this promise; to deliver enduring digital solutions to enterprises who want to leverage the possibilities of technology. Our branding allows us to tell our story.

We have an open ethos

“Starting as a pioneer in Irish open-source software, Nearform has ambitiously transformed our expertise into product engineering, platform modernisation, data/AI, and digital capability for some of the best-known brands globally. Like Ireland, we punch above our weight and Nearform has grown to be one of the world’s premium builders of enduring digital services. To reflect this evolution, and to continue our commitment to delivering excellence for clients and partners, we’ve updated our brand identity and I’m really excited to share it with you all,” says Nearform CEO Ciarán Cosgrave. 

Our heritage is grounded in harnessing the possibilities of open source technologies to build resilient, accessible software solutions for high-growth organisations. Even Nearform’s name is a nod to never being done; continually striving to achieve engineering excellence. Our ethos has always been open: open source, open-minded, open to possibilities. 

Over the past decade, we’ve grown, and gained more experience, insight and expertise.

In 2020, Nearform secured investment from Columbia Capital. This strategic backing spurred rapid growth, helping us gain the momentum to get us to where we find ourselves today.

In October 2023, we acquired Formidable, a global software engineering and design consulting firm. We expanded our global presence while bolstering our collective technical expertise and capabilities in commerce and composable solutions. 

We build enduring business value

This brand refresh embodies Nearform’s evolution from an open-source software organisation to being a partner in delivering enduring, intelligent digital services. 

While we remain the Nearform team you know and trust, we have elevated our client offering across four key impact areas: 

  • Product solutions that accelerate growth

  • Modern platforms that transform business

  • Data solutions that empower business

  • Enhanced capability to be better, faster and go further

We’re committed to empowering ambitious enterprises to build enduring business value.

Explore our refreshed website to access our Insights, learn about our Work, and get to know how Nearform can be your partner in achieving digital progress.

Insight, imagination and expertly engineered solutions to accelerate and sustain progress.