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Vlog: On the Road Again, Episode 3

Senior Software Architect, Michele Riva, shares a taste of life on the road at NDC Oslo

Welcome back to On the Road Again episode 3, from NearForm hosted by Michele Riva. Michele is a Senior Software Architect here at NearForm and has a prolific speaking schedule. On his excursions to various conferences around the world Michele meets all kinds of interesting people and has new experiences which he will be sharing with us here and on his YouTube channel .

Michele is a Google GDE and Microsoft MVP and the author of  Real World Next.js . You can learn more about Michele through  this blog post  or through his  own website .

On the Road Again, Episode 3

Episode 3 of On the Road Again is about Michele’s time in Oslo for NDC Oslo in September 2022.

Below is a text transcript of the video with timestamps as well as links to some of the things he talks about in the video. Michele Riva (2:07)

Hello, everyone. It's Michele here, Senior Software Architect at NearForm. And today I am in Oslo, Norway for my first time talking at NDC Oslo. Yeah, see you there.

I just followed a couple of talks and I realized I forgot my remote controller at home, so I need to go and buy a new one. Thankfully, there is like a supermarket near to the hotel where I can find one, so I'm heading there.

I got to be honest, I wasn't expecting that much people. This is possibly one of the biggest conferences I've ever seen in my life, and I've been to many conferences during last year, after COVID of course. But this one, it's huge. It's going to be super fun. Now I just need to find a remote controller, because I have no idea how I can do without it. Not a problem, I will do it.


Okay, so day one is over and I'm here with my friend, Matheus. Matheus Albuquerque: Hello! Michele Riva: How was your talk? He talked about APIs that we don't know in the web performance spaces. Right? Matheus Albuquerque: Mm-hmm. Michele Riva: And what is the feeling, like after a first date? Matheus Albuquerque: It was cool. Like first event, I love the vibe. Really, really well put together this conference. Regarding my session I admit in the beginning I was first not sure whether it would fit or not. Ended up fitting, 59 minutes. Michele Riva: Perfect. It was perfect. Yeah. Matheus Albuquerque: Yeah. Timing just went really well. I like... And I think, I mean, meant not only you, but some people after got to chat real quick. Hope to meet them again. But feedback was good and it was the first time I was running this one. So couple things I wanted to improve for next time. But I'll say that overall, I liked it. Michele Riva: I really loved it. It was way more technical than I expected, which is a good thing. And I'm sure you can learn something. So I will put the link into this description field as soon as they publish the talk. So tomorrow is my turn. Now we're heading to the booze cruise. No, kidding. There's a normal cruise in the fjords. Matheus Albuquerque: Yeah. Michele Riva: I think it's pronounced like this? Matheus Albuquerque: I think so. Michele Riva: Yeah. Make sure to make some shots. Matheus Albuquerque: I'm really looking forward to your session, by the way, which is a pity, I got to fly in the morning, but as soon as you have it, I'm going to watch. Because it's kind of related to what we've been talking, like a bit under the hood Lyra and stuff. But really the algorithms, which is probably the most interesting part about Lyra . Michele Riva: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yes. And it's full of memes, so it's a good opportunity for people to get to know more memes. Like memes on binary trees, stuff like that. Or hash maps. Matheus Albuquerque: I'm curious to see this merge of CS memes with an Italian touch. Michele Riva: Exactly. An Italian touch. Matheus Albuquerque: Memes. Michele Riva: Absolutely. So yeah, we'll see you on the booze cruise. No, it's not a booze cruise. I need to stop saying that. Matheus Albuquerque: Yeah. We are going to really think that. Matheus Albuquerque: (6:21)

Cheers. Michele Riva: Cheers. Matheus Albuquerque: Salute. Michele Riva: Salute. Matheus Albuquerque: Salute. Michele Riva: Salute. Yeah.


Day number two of NDC Oslo. Today, it's my turn to speak. So let's go to the venue and fingers crossed.

And get ready, because trees are an amazing source of memes, so it's really important to learn trees in order to get these memes. Please do that.

So I guess that was all for me and NDC Oslo 2022 has been a real pleasure. I can't wait to get back to Norway someday soon. Thank you again. See you next time.

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