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The Super App of FinTech

Build the next FinTech SUPERapp with NearForm

Find out how NearForm are using leading edge technologies to deliver sophisticated user experiences in the FinTech space.

building the next FinTech SUPERapp

A new banking SUPERapp to keep your customers "Super Happy".

The new Banking Scene

Banking has changed. Major advances in FinTech have shifted how we interact with banking institutions. Customers want flexible, personalised tools to facilitate their banking needs...anytime, anywhere.

You and the User

It's time for you to break from the pack and create the Super App of FinTech and digital banking for the new world customer.

Be the disruptor, be the game changer!

The Perfect Partner

You need a partner who understands you and thinks like you. A partner with the same fighting spirit to future-proof your business for the digital world. Say hello to NearForm ! We are disruptors, innovators and leaders. As technologists, we're all about 'what's next'.

By employing technology and design methodologies we invent intuitive and personalised customer interactions to enhance the FinTech world.

Powered by advances in mobile, AI, and machine learning we will build a banking experience with your brand at its core.

The Best Results

Not only will your SUPERapp empower your customer, it will also accelerate future business models using customer data and insights. This SUPERapp will filter into the DNA of the company and unlock endless possibilities to revolutionize your banking world. Say hello to NearForm . Your super partner to keep your customers super happy.

Read about how we worked with IBM to develop a multi-platform open banking app .

Insight, imagination and expertly engineered solutions to accelerate and sustain progress.