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The Module Ecosystem - The Stress of Success: Tech Talk Video

Challenges of maintaining the Module Ecosystem

The module ecosystem is a key ingredient in the success of the JavaScript ecosystem. Unfortunately, it is a challenge ensuring that key modules are maintained, safe and kept up to date. The resulting pain is felt by users of the modules, the original module authors who often would like to help but no longer can for any number of reasons, and even those who would like to help but can’t. In this talk, we’ll cover how we might tackle this problem, an initiative to start working on the problem within the Node.js project and how you can get involved and help out.

Michael is an active contributor to the Node.js project and chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee(TSC). He contributes to a broad range of community efforts including platform support, build infrastructure, N-API, Release, as well as tools to help the community achieve quality with speed (ex: ci jobs, benchmarking and code coverage reporting).

Dominykas is a full-stack developer with a passion for frontend and some interests in not front-end, namely build tooling and security. He’s been using Node.js since its early days and remains as excited about it as ever.

This talk was given at NodeConf EU 2019.  Need Node.js experts for your next project? Contact us to see how we can help!

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