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Tech Talk: GraphQL Caching Demystified

GraphQL Caching Demystified: How to Improve API Performance

Ensuring your APIs are fast, flexible and developer-friendly is a core aspect of delivering highly performant software—that’s where GraphQL comes in. GraphQL is an open source data query and manipulation language for APIs, and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.

In this video, our resident Node.js expert and Chief Software Architect, Matteo, reveals how to improve your GraphQL gateway’s performance by 4X using Fastify, Mercurius and AutoCannon. Plus, discover the most common pitfalls to avoid during the caching process to ensure success.

Watch the video below now to find out more.

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As Chief Software Architect at NearForm, Matteo Collina consults for some of the top brands in the world. Matteo is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee focusing on streams, diagnostics and http.

He is also the author of Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca, the fast logger Pino and Co-Founder of the Fastify web framework.

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