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Perf Stories by David Clements

David Mark Clements tells war stories of the performance kind. By wrapping hard numbers in engaging anecdotes, this talk makes high performance JavaScript accessible. Featuring tales from the open source and enterprise worlds, we'll go on a journey through profiling and flame graphs, high speed logging, tracing, v8 native syntax extensions, benchmarking, and load testing.

In each of these areas we identified a need in the ecosystem and wrote open source tools and libraries to make things easier. The discussion will veer into enterprise, with a true story of how we helped a company over three days to reduce their deployment costs by 66% whilst achieving double the throughput and half the latency. The moral of the story is that there is immense untapped value in making systems faster. As the story concludes, everyone should have a strong understanding of optimization workflow, performance debugging tools and techniques, and a taste of the euphoria that comes when you make code run faster. About David Clements David Mark Clements is an architecture and performance consultant with nearForm, and head of nearForm's training department. David is passionate about performance and open source. His recent efforts include 0x, the first (and only) cross-platform flamegraph generation tool for Node.js; pino, the fastest Node.js JSON logger in the ecosystem; and autopsy, a postmortem analysis tool. He's also the author of Node Cookbook, currently in its second edition, with a third on the way.

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