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OpenHive.JS discusses modern web APIs with Ramón Guijarro

In the fourth episode of OpenHive.JS , the podcast for all things JavaScript from NearForm, our hosts James Snell and Matteo Collina sit down with Ramón Guijarro to talk about developing for the web today and how we can all make it better.

Ramón is a product-focused web engineer and lover of all things web. His extensive experience with JavaScript and React inform his work building user interfaces and his talks at tech conferences around the world. Ramón also relies on JavaScript to build things beyond the browser and enjoys exploring unexpected uses for the web in general.

In his first appearance on OpenHive.JS , Ramón talks to James and Matteo about modern web APIs, the importance of the developer experience, his approach to trying out new tools, how to choose which APIs to use when there are so many (and more coming) and much more.

“There’s this push ... for having more and more web APIs to close the gap with native applications, and on the one hand, that’s great in that it pushes the web forward,” Ramón explains in the episode. “But on the other hand, it makes it even more difficult for other browser vendors to keep up. We need to think about the balance between moving forward and actually being able to have more than one browser vendor.”

James and Matteo quiz Ramón on how developers can make sense of the various technology being developed, and how to balance legacy tools with the push to use newer protocols.

“I would say have an ear out for what’s new,” Ramón says. “You don’t really need to dive deep into everything ... but it’s nice to know what’s out there and have a broad idea of what you can do with it. And then if you ever feel the need, well, you know that thing exists.”

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Ep 4: Ramón Guijarro on Modern Web APIs

For this episode, we welcome Ramón Guijarro, a product-focused engineer with extensive experience in JavaScript and React, who is passionate about building great user interfaces and a better web for us all. Ramón talks to us about the importance of the developer experience, how to know which APIs to use when there are so many and much more. Welcome back to OpenHive.JS.

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